Linea Pelle Dylan messenger: Question about this bag!

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  1. so, i am moving to NYC and i want a stylish bag that is convenient for everyday use, and can hold all my essentials (preferably my Chameleon too). first of all, can the strap be shortened enough to wear as shoulder bag?

    and LP says it has a "flat construction"...would i be able to fit a chameleon even so? i think of my HH Nico, and I make do putting my chameleon in. i just dont want it to look too weird.

    Lastly, what color? midnight blue or brown/bark?

    here is a pic for info:
  2. i like the blue one
  3. I have this exact bag, midnight blue and I love it. I use a jumbo purse to go in mine and it's fine. But just so you know, besides the two outer zipped pockets the bag has an inner zip pocket and 4 other pockets inside.
  4. I have two messengers and the strap can be shortened slightly. I like to tighten mine up occasionally and it falls at my hip (or a tad longer) pulled the furthest it will go. For ref I'm 5'9 so for someone shorter it would be quite long. I LOVE the messenger!! Good luck!
  5. thank you for the info ladies! i just realized...the Dylan large speedy has a shoulder strap on it! could i just get that and wear as a messenger? or is the strap too short for cross body? or would it just look weird? tia! hm maybe i should post this separate to those who own the speedy.
  6. I love the first one, the two pocket style in blue!

  7. Me too!