Linea Pelle Dylan Bowler vs. Moni Moni Splendor

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  1. Which is roomier/larger? Which has nicer leather? Which one is best? Or are they about the same in terms of quality and aesthetics? Thanks ladies!

    OR which one do you simply like best?
  2. I guarantee you that there will be a ton of people that are going to hate the Monis. I have had a ton of them myself and they're not for the faint of heart. They're not perfect, the sides are frayed, the leather isn't perfect, but that's what they tout as "one of a kind". Others love it, others hate it. Out of all my Monis (and I've had like 8 of them!!) I've kept my two favorite colors - black and khaki.

    Then I bought a couple of LP bags. I have to say that there look is much nicer - and even though they too, have a rough edge to them I think that they're a bit more finished.

    You have to remember that Moni bags are COMPLETELY unstructured and have absolutely no shape to them. They're flop city which can be wonderful if it doesn't bother you. I think the LP has more shape to it. Depending on which LP you get, they're probably pretty comparable in size.

    I would like to try out the Dylan large bowler as well.....
  3. Thanks for the info J! I have a Splendor in black and I do love it but it is a bit small for me. I just scored the LP Bowler in marigold and I was hoping it's a bit more polished looking and also a bit roomier. I just can't fit all of my stuff in the Splendor.
  4. I was looking at the Marigold too! But too rich for my blood right now. (No way to sneak it past the hubby) I got an Ashley though in Marine for $90!! and an Angie clutch in crimson for $50!!! wew wew.

    I have a Moni in brown and LP is way better IMO. The leather is just better quality and softer...

  5. hehe i got the other ashley marine for $90 (free shipping!:wlae:) how great of a deal was that??? i didn't see anyone else in the deals & steals forum that got a marine ashley so i'm glad another TPFer did :okay:
  6. Hey Wolfie - "Rich for my blood" - did you get that from Larke? :lol:

    Now I'm not sure about this - but is the Dylan Bowler a different animal than the Dylan Shoulder Bag? The shoulder bag is taller and the Bowler is longer? I wasn't sure.

    Wow. So your black Moni is small! I like the flop factor though......
  7. i think the moni is cute, but i love the versatility of the LP. i just bought one actually :smile: i like that it can be casual with the crossbody style, but a bit dressier with the handles. the moni to me just looks like a casual duffle bag (except leather) :P i wouldnt mind owning one, just like lp much better
  8. Thanks for all of the above, I wonder if I don't like it, will I at least be able to recoup what I paid for it?
  9. There is no comparison between the Splendor and the Dylan. I bought a Splendor several months ago, and had it out of the box all of 5 minutes before I packaged it right back up and sent it back! I did not care for it at all.
    On the other hand, I am in love with LP bags and the Dylan is my favorite line. I have two Dylans already and just bought a third Dylan during the current sale. The leather is thick, but so soft and squishy!!! It is definitely casual, but more polished than the Splendor.
  10. I can't wait to see your LP Bowler!! I saw it on the LP site, but waited too long and it was gone. I'm so glad you snagged one up : ) The leather looks AMAZING!! You better post pics when you receive it...
  11. LOL, I remember when you sent the Splendor back. Correct me it I'm wrong, but wasn't your splendor too large for you? If that's correct, the LP must be smaller...and if that's the case then it's too small for my needs, geez, this is sooo hard!
  12. I most def. will!
  13. Well, yes, my Splendor was really big; maybe it was a mutant! LOL!!
    The Dylan line has many styles of bags, from the Speedy, to the bowler, to the tote, to the shoulder bag, etc. Some are big and some are medium sized. I have the Midnight bowler and it is medium sized. The Dylan Speedy, Shoulder bag, and Tote are much bigger.
    Buy, yes, if you have to "unload" it, you will have no problem, as many of the LP ladies here were cursing that they missed out on the Marigold Bowler!
    I hope you like it, though, and decide to keep it.