Linea Pelle discount codes?

  1. does anybody know of any discount codes that i can use right now on the website? sorry if im being so cheap hehehhehe. budget is super tight but i can't miss out on the 50% off of the dylan double pocket messenger that they have on right now. just wanted to ask before i purchase. thanks a lot.
  2. thank you very much!!! i will try these!!!!!
  3. I just saw one on eBay the other day by eBay seller kataphileo. I posted about their website the other day. I have been watching their eBay ads. They seem to be different than what is on their website. Anyway, the Dylan Messenger bag was on there..I think it was for $200. Not sure if it is the same one you are talking about though.
  4. Sonoz, thanks! i think i do have that on my 'watching' list.....
    i believe there's 2 dylan messengers there right now......ill have to try the discount codes and see how much they end up and compare that to the ebay which i believe is ending soon.....i think today.....

    thanks again.
  5. Hello ladies,

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