Linea Pelle Customer service GODS!!!!! :) HIP HIP HOORAY!



  1. Piper weekender in color shown SHERRY

  2. Piper weekender in Taupe

  3. LC Tote black

  4. LC tote Espresso

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  1. All i can say is WOW! I was going to wait to post until i got home from school later, but I cant even wait to tell you guys how happy i am!

    I have an angie speedy from LP that came with a faulty dye job and stupidly I didnt take a close look @ it until months after I recieved it (as im sure many of you have done :smile: I buy so many bags some dont get taken from their dustbags for months after I buy them!). SO by this time the packing slips are gone, the receipts are gone, everything!
    BUT :sad: I look and almost cried because my new bag had uneven dye on it and as much as i tried to make myself look past that, i couldnt :sad:

    I thought for sure I was just S#$( out of luck because I waited so long but I thought, eh long shot i will try calling Linea Pelle.!!!! :smile: Here is where the story gets good!

    SO i called and spoke with a WONDERFUL woman named Mika (pronounced like Me-KA) who not only was wonderful to chat with (i admit it-im a chatter :smile: ) BUt she was amazingly helpful
    said NO PROBLEM! I will send you our returns form and you can either fill out the exchange section , or you will just have store credit in the amount of the bags purchase price
    WOW!!! all i can say is WOW
    A company that actually prides themselves on happy customers, and fault free merchandise. Even all this time later after my lazy butt didnt check out the bag when it first arrived, STILL i can count on Linea Pelle to stand behind their merchandise and care for the customer. :smile:
    I am one happy lady :smile: I can barely put it into words because I am so impressed.
    With all the smaller companys out there that many of us have tried to love, but have turned on because of the total lack of customer care, service and appreciate my applause:woohoo: goes out to Linea Pelle for putting us purse lovers first! :smile:


    the LC tote (VOTE BY COLOR AS WELL :smile: )

    The Piper WEEKENDER! (large!)
    (VOTE BY COLOR AS WELL!) -->i didnt put black in the poll because i already have a botkier sasha duffle and gryson olivia in black and those are both large bags too!

    SO i close on a big giant :woohoo::yahoo::tup::wlae:HIP HIP HORRAY FOR LINEA PELLE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! There will be many a linea pelle bags in my future! :love:
  2. :yahoo:
    YAY! That is incredible! I am so happy that this worked out for you.
    I swear by LP bags, not only because they have incredible styles and the leather is TDF, but because their CS is second to none. I really love the weekender in Taupe. Have you checked out the measurements, though? It is really big.
    I am so disappointed about my Angie, but I am now looking at the Piper Speedy in Taupe, or the Quilted Dylan Bowler in Whiskey.
    Can't decide.....
  3. wow both very pretty. i really love both of those bags even if one is them is designed by lc.
  4. That's awesome. I vote for the Piper Weekender, and the Sherry color is fantastic. I would get that in a second!
  5. Love The Sherry!!!!
  6. Yahoo! Congrats! I love LP bags, I realllly do. TDF :drool:
    I voted for the weekender in sherry.
  7. Thank you guys so much! :smile: Looks like the weekender in sherry is winning hehe :smile:

    And Cooper1 :smile: I Am so torn on the taupe and sherry , i am mostly just really worrried the taupe will get so dirty :sad: I have to google for more "real life" pictures of the sherry color too cause i am not the biggest orange fan but i get the feeling it maybe isnt that orange? :smile: Who knows

    The piper speedy in taupe looks delicious i was thinking about the speedy but honestly i dont think it woul be big enough for me, i need a bag that for sure will fit any size folder.notebook.binder :smile:
    And i see the weekend is quite large, but when i compare the measurements it doesnt seem much different then the botkier sasha duffle which i adore :smile: AND its slouchy so i think it wont look gigantic when it isnt full :smile:

    The dylan quilted bowler is also so cute! I have the regular dylan double handle and i adore it! the quilted though wasnt out then, now that i see it i think its delicious! thats a tough call!!! :smile:
  8. I just had a really great c.s. experience with Linea Pelle also. They really do care about their customers and want to make things right when there is an issue.
  9. Yup - they are wonderful!!!!

    I must have 10....maybe more.....bags from them. Their quality, and customer
    service are both superb!!!!

    Glad your happy with them.
  10. Regarding LP's Taupe leather....I started another thread about it asking if anyone had seen it in real life and to describe (or post pics) the color. In some pics it looks grayish-brown and in others it looks warmer brown. Have you seen it IRL? Help!
  11. I'm so happy that you were able to experience wonderful customer server with LP. Some companies don't realize how important ONE unhappy customer can be. True bag lovers TALK! We share information! So it's always nice to know what companies out there go above and beyond for their customers.

    I voted for the weekender in the color you have pictured. I know nothing about LP bags but that one is gorgeous! And if their quality is like their CS then you'll be getting one fab bag. Be sure to post pics when you get it, I'd love to see!
  12. I have never looked at these bags before & after hearing what you said about their CS, I took a look.... Love them! That's the problem with TPF, it feeds the addiction!:graucho:
  13. That is good to hear. My vote is for the LC bag but I like 'em both!

  14. LOL! That's for sure! I also learned about LP from tPF, and now I am hooked!
  15. hip hip hooray!! for LP! I voted for that beautiful Sherry bag!:yes: