Linea Pelle ***COMMENTS*** for "Photos Only Thread"

  1. I thought the same thing! I think it is a really big bag. Here is a link to the same bag on the Luna Boston site.

    I am thinking about getting the small woven one on Amazon, its a really great price. Let me know if you can find a mod shot for this bag.
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    LPWovenHobo.jpg LPWovenHobo1.jpg
  3. That's it, to me this could be a large size! This size would probably work for me, I think I might get it! Thanks for finding these pics.
  4. Olidivia - thanks very much for posting these pics. The woven tote is huge! I'd love this in something 15-17" wide. Its a great style.
  5. Hi, ladies!

    I was looking at the pic thread of your beautiful LPs and saw the cobalt color. Can any of you tell me which of the pics in that thread is a good representation of cobalt?

  6. The cobalt is more of a medium blue and not as vibrant as the pics where it looks like it is BRIGHT BLUE. It is not a navy IRL, but a medium blue that looks brighter in sunlight. Looks great with jeans IMO.
  7. Here is a pretty accurate pic of the colour. It does have slight purple undertones but it's definitely a blue bag. Hope the picture helps you to decide.

  8. Thanks. I have since ruined the bag by applying this crap: Leather Honey.

    Sandc, your overnight is beautiful. It's much bigger than I imagined.

    Moonstarr, your Turquoise scores are drool worthy. I vowed wouldn't get another Dylan, but your pics are seriously making me rethink that decision.
  9. olidivia - you are rockin' that shoulder bag! :tup:

  10. Yes she is, looks great olidivia!!
  11. Cathead87 and LindaP thank you! I am still loving these bright colors, but I am rocking the chianti right now. :smile: To me its very sophisticated looking, and the dylan medium is such a comfortable bag. So, I have my camera back!! I will try and post pics of my current collection tomorrow. I think this is the most LP, I have had, ever!!
  12. I can't wait to see your pics! :happydance:
  13. missmoimoi - I love your DMTs. I had the olive w/gunmetal but ended up returning it. Yet another purse regret...let me add it to the list. :p
  14. Ok, the large Perry woven tote is ginormous but the Perry woven zip top hobo is fine. Sometimes I think my small Perry woven hobo is to small. As much as I love the brown, I wish I had black woven Perry hobo too, rats!