Linea Pelle ***COMMENTS*** for "Photos Only Thread"

  1. Hi Ladies,

    This is the official COMMENT THREAD where we can all comment on the pics in the PHOTOS ONLY thread!! :tup: I know we want to keep our "Photos Only" thread as clean as possible but will want to ask questions and/or comment on the beautiful bags that everyone posts!

    CHIT CHAT AWAY! :wlae:
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    Jemi - I dream of your silver Sydney

    dp - I think you are one of the 1st ones with one of the new bags!! Loving how soft that Danielle Tote looks!! You simply MUST start a new thread with a review so everyone can check it out and ask questions!! And of course your Crimson Angie is so delicious I'm tearing up!

    Stormy - Thank you very much... now we all HAVE TO HAVE something in Leaf! :lol: Positively gorgeous! Not to mention the fact that it looks like you took the pictures in paradise!

    Cooper - I think it is high time you provided new photos of that gorgeous Piper Speedy for us to drool over! I don't know about you but the more I use my bags the more gorgeous they look! I love the look of a broken in bag... a delicious pool of melting leather!

  3. Ok Sep, I will try to make you proud with much better pix than ones I have posted in the past.

    Check out the "LP Pictures Only" thread for reference on the Black Piper Speedy and the Mahogany Dylan Tote.
    Two of the yummiest bags on the planet!!!!
  4. ^^ No silly! You're pics are great! I was saying I would love to see pics now that your Piper is more broken in... I love how bags look once you have used them for a few months! They get even softer and smooshier! :tup: That's why I posted new pics of my LPs... they look kind of stiff on page 1 but not anymore! My LPs have looked better and better with time! :yes:
  5. Thank you dear Sep. Everyone needs Leaf ! I was trying to compare greens so the true Leaf shows herself. I'm hyper-aware of color nuance. Stay tuned for more ;)
  6. Are you kidding??
    My pictures generally suck! LOL!!!
    My new pix are purty, though! :love:

    The bags are definitely getting more "melted" with use... dripping is more like it!
    Into lovely leather puddles!!!!!
  7. Sep: I just started a new thread for this!
  8. A thread of your review of the Danielle? Cool! I can't wait to read it! Although I forgot Stormy already started a thread... I think she posted a link to it in response to my comment... Hopefully I can redeem myself with more photo tips and tricks :sweatdrop:...
  9. oops....I am SO excited about this forum I should have "looked!" I am sure we both will redeem ourselves! Geeze, I knew that! Forgot Stormy had started one!

    Stormy: a little carried away and started a new Danielle review thread! :tispy:
  10. It's actually kind of nice to have the "meat" of info on the overall threads... And then have new seperate ones when people get new bags! That way we don't have so many MONSTER threads with a trillion pages from all of the discussion! :lol: It just means that info has to be posted twice... which I don't mind doing but I'm sure not everyone has time...
  11. Sep: Why, I think I'll drink to that! I agree wholeheartedly!:drinkup:

  12. Yeah, if you look at any other sub-forum here, people always post new threads about their new bag, issues with the bag, issues with CS, things that suck, what's your opinion, etc.

    ...Oh, and I'll have a drink, too!!!!

  13. Nice photos of your Black Piper Speedy! :tup:

    I have the same bag, but I haven't seen it for months since I don't use black bags in the spring and summer. I also have the Piper Speedy in Taupe, but I don't use it at all. I used it for about two weeks after I got it in December and then I switched to the black one when it arrived. I keep thinking that I'll take out the taupe one, but I ended up buying some RM and BE bags that I can't seem to put away for now.

    I am looking forward to using my Black Piper Speedy again in a few months. It's such a great bag, especially with the outside pockets and great leather.
  14. I love the piper speedy! Since I am new to LP this bag wasn't anywhere to be found! I will keep a "keen" eye out for it because I want it!
  15. scoobiesmomma - I :heart: your taupe Piper Speedy! It looks so soft! Thanks for posting!