Linea Pelle Close Out! Horray :)

  1. Wow, great deals..thanks for the heads up!
  2. I love LP, too! Thanks for the info!
  3. Does anyone have the Dylan messenger? How do you like it?
  4. Carmen82, that's a cool blog!

    I have Linea Pelle on my wishlist for sure!
  5. I love the LP Gillian! I really want to buy it but I just bought two bags this week and need to WAIT. :noggin:
  6. Oooo! The Gillians are on sale!! Which Gillian are you wishing for?
  7. yea i saw they were on sale. Actually has a better price on them. They are still $345 or something on both sites, but will give you an additional 25% off with the code KATA25 at checkout, and an additional 3% member discount.
  11. Thanks for the tip! I picked up a Zoe Cross Body in the Gold color. This is the second bag I've bought this week <groan> but I figure, at 70 bucks, I can't feel too guilty, and plus, now I'll have a new cute going out bag.
  12. Are any of you aware of any discount codes? I adore the Piper tote but it's not on sale!
  13. The only code I know of is PURSE10 for 10% off, I am not sure if it's still active, but you can type it in and give it a whirl at checkout.

    I just bought the Zoe cross body clutch too! I haven't received it yet, but I am definitely going to take it out on the town! :smile:

    Does anyone have the Ashley Shoulder bag?

    I am thinking of getting it for my sister. I think it's uber cute!