Linea Pelle belts??

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  1. I love love love Linea Pelle bags, but I don't know much about their belts (quality, fit, etc). I want to know because they're having a HUGE belt sale on their website right now and I am thinking of buying 2 or 3 or 4!

    Let me know friends! Thanks!
  2. Can't help re: fit but I do know they carry them at Nordstrom and I even saw some at the rack the other day. Maybe if you're near one you could swing by and try them on so you know how their sizes run. Just a suggestion.
  3. Hey guys! I'm new to The Purse Forum. This is great!!! Y'all have some serious time on your hands. haha

    I've bought their belts. Fabulous. Generally, they are really good about exchanges too if the size isn't right. The leather is beautiful.

    Pulled two of my faves from their site! I have these belts. I wear the black one w/ my mustard colored marilyn monroe dress and I love this new chain one I just got last week on jeans OR just over a top.

    Actually, I don't get how to add pics so here are two links.
  4. Yup, it's Friday, definitley some serious time on my hands! :graucho:

    I really love the belt with the chain, that's cool! I am big into waist belts right now too.

    I think I'll browse their site some more.

    Does anyone else own LP belts?
  5. I have 4! They are of wonderful quality, fit true to size, and I have never had a problem with any of the hardware on them! If they are on sale, go get 'em; you won't regret it!
  6. I own a couple too and love them! I just bought another yesterday on Ebay for $20.00. You can find some great deals.
  7. If you have a TJ Maxx, check out their belt selection. I've bought 4 LP belts there in the last month - two were $7.99 and 2 were $14.99!!!
  8. Wow, that's amazing! Congrats on those great deals!:tup:
  9. I might get them all then! :P

    Have you checked out the belt sale yet?
  10. I can vouch too!! I live in central virginia (not exactly prime shopping country, 1hr from Richmond) and our tjmaxx & marshalls has had GREAT LP belt selection!! Check it out!!
  11. I've gotten them at off 5th for less than $20! great belts, very durable and stylish.
  12. Unfortunatley, the TJ Maxx by me is not that great. But the sale on the online store is incredible. I bought 5 belts for under $250!! So excited, I can't wait to wear them. :yahoo:

    I bought these:

    What do you think?!
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