Linea Pelle ~ 60% Off Dylan Croco Styles

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    Code: COOLCROC

    Expires February 7th

    We want our LP eVIPs to enjoy 60% off on these fabulous Dylan Croco Holiday bags. The colors

    are perfect for the season, warm and cozy!

    Use code COOLCROC at check-out to take 60% off your order.*

    *Promotion ends February 7 at 11:59pm PST. Promotion may not be combined with any other special

    offers or promotions. Promotion may not be applied to previous orders. Promotion

    may be used with your LP eVIP discount of $15 off orders over $150.
  2. #2 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    Great deal on the wallet....only $60 including shipping.
  3. I went to Linea Pelle right after I got the email. Had a bag in my cart,
    and boom! All I get now is page load errors.....Guess it wasn't meant to be.

    (Yeah, I needed another handbag anyway.:yes:)

    Thanks for posting! Hope other people have better luck than I did.
  4. ^Try it again moogle! I just went to to the website again and it took only seconds to get to the checkout (didn't buy anything..only trying it out).
  5. I just got the yellow double zippy and wallet both for $195.68 including the shipping! :wlae:

    Don't forget -- for LP discount codes to work you usually have to log into their website first.

    Moogle, don't give up that easily. This is a great deal! Try using another browser if you need to. Their website shouldn't even be that busy yet as it's freaking early for a Sunday morning if you're not on the East Coast!
  6. I've been trying since about luck.

    I've tried firefox, I've tried IE browser. I'm thinking it's a sign.
    I've tried to go through one of the rebate sites, and it just won't load.
    Just tried from the email again, and no luck.

    Yup - must be I really don't need that purse! LOL!

  7. Ooooo.... love the double zippy, but just can't decide on a color?!? Great deal and thanks for the post.
  8. Moogle, try clearing your browsing history/cookies. I just tried the LP site again and it's working fine.
  9. Finally got in, and talked myself out of it anyway.

    But if anyone wants a yellow bag, that yellow croco shoulder bag comes
    out to be under $140 - well, add shipping onto that.
  10. I am not suppose to do this, but I did. How could I turn down a Dylan Croco Shoulder in Turquoise!
  11. i got one in turquoise too........luv the color!
  12. Bags, you're KILLING me...

    Step away from the puter, step away from the puter :sweatdrop:
  13. I had to have that croco satchel in Viola - how can you resist at such a price?? Wanted the croco holiday in Topaz too since I'd love to have a croco shoulder bag but..... tooooo many other purchases this week means one bag only from this sale.

    MuststoplookingatthepageMuststoplookingatthepageMuststoplookingatthepage! Arg!!
  14. Wow. Only yellow left - would have swooned for a viola! Better that they are all gone - esp with costs to ship to Canada via FedEx... still tempting though!!
  15. They still have some of the emerald, but those are priced higher since they weren't on sale to start with.