Lindy34 vs. Constance24

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  1. Hi ladies :smile:
    About 3 weeks ago I have asked my SA if she can find me a Lindy 34 because I feel like I need a big bag for daily use..

    And I went to see her today, she just offered me 2 bags..a Lindy 34 in Togo Etoupe with PHW, or a Constance 24 in rouge H with Lizard buckle...the constance with lizard buckle seems to be quite rare so now I'm confused about which one to pick...Which one would you choose? Please share me with your thoughts!
  2. I would pick the Constance first because the bag is extra special with the lizard buckle. This is without any consideration of size/ capacity/ usage etc.
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  3. Second the Constance as well. What type of leather? Do you have any other L or C in your collection? So many questions LOL
  4. yes, Constance in lizard is extremely rare.
  5. Constance 24 with no preservation.. You can always find a Lindy
  6. I would take the Constance first and Lindy later if you plan to buy more than one bag.
  7. Run for the Constance
    Lindy 34 you can get any time anywhere any day
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  8. Depends on what you need in your collection and would wear more often. The Constance sounds special and is harder to find, but don't get it if what you need is a large bag
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  9. Constance hands down!! It's very well made and goes with both casual and formal outfits. You can easily find Lindy nowadays. Some resellers in my city are even selling for below retail. I'd run to grab that Constance!! Congrats
  10. I would go for the Lindy if you love the Etoupe, you said you needed a larger bag and the Constance is not going to fill that need. I presume you can't get both because of the question so I would stick with what you want. Just because it's rare isn't enough for me to change my purchase plans. Unless you also had this exact Constance on your long term wish list I would buy the Lindy in a color you love.

    My SA is always tempting me with things off my list, you just have to focus on the bags that are going to be most useful to you because they're ALL beautiful and special!
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  11. Constance all the way !
  12. #12 Jul 18, 2016
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    +1 toally

    also C24 is rare and special... but more expensive and more delicate. I would totally snap it up, but I'm not intersted in Lindy hahahah

  13. Thanks ladies for your prompt reply and your suggestions on this :biggrin: really saved me. Yea now I think if Lindy 34 is easy to find then I can totally get it later this year and wait for different colour options probably! I already phoned my SA up so she can hold it for me! Couldn't wait to bring that beauty back home!

    Thanks again for all your advices
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  14. According to my SA the leather type for the Constance will be swift :smile: currently I only have one lindy in size 26 in rose Sakura and 2 Constance bags but both in size 19, one with lizard buckle as well so that's why I was so struggled but now I have made my mind to get the Constance 24!! Thanks so much for your advice:biggrin:

    Thanks lovely TPFers for your advices :3 I have took a second thought on this and decided to go for the Constance first! My friend just convinced me for large bags I can always use the Toolbox so probably I'll put the lindy aside for now! But definitely I'll get one in the future! Thanks again for your help on this! Have a lovely day ahead :smile:
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  15. I'm glad you are going for the constance! I have literally never seen one at my boutique and when I ask it seems like there's a large list of people waiting for it so they keep trying to turn my attention towards something else, lol. Lindy on the other hand is often available. My boutique almost always has several in stock.