1. Hi I'm totally new to Hermes so please pardon me for any dumb questions. I'm very interested in the Lindy bag :drool:so just want to get more info about it:

    -- Is it a new design or has it been around for awhile?
    -- Does it come in a variety of colors/materials?
    -- Is it easy to get at any H store?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for the info! I'm hoping to get one in turquoise or blue jean... Hope I can find one soon.
  3. There was 1 size 30 in blue jean in SF hermes store. $4700, clemence. Call Annie 415-391-7200
  4. Thanks Guylian! I was hoping to use this purchase to get acquainted with a SA in order to pave my way to owning a Birkin. So I'm hoping to find one in a store where I can go to in person.

    If anyone knows there is a Lindy available in NY or King of Prussia please let me know!!

    Thanks a ton! ;)