Lindy owners --->

  1. Hi Lindy owners ,

    CAn you please share with us , what do you think of the bag ? is it easy-to-wear ? what size\color do you have ?
    & if you can post lindy in action pic's that will be great ?
    Thanks ,
  2. There are some existing Lindy threads with alot of information and members sharing their experiences. You need to search the archives.
  3. thanks
  4. MrsS, you're a doll!:heart:
  5. Thank you, hello :heart:.

    I remembered I was once a newbie and asked the same repetitive questions. I did what others like yourself did for me, to make me feel welcome. I am just passing the kindness on ....
  6. The Lindy is def. not for everyone. Please try one on before purchasing.
  7. Lindy is a fabulous bag, its so casual.. true everyday bag imo [​IMG]
  8. I own a lindy and I absolutely LOVE it! It's casual, holds a lot and versatile. Go for it. :yes: