Lindy owners...please help? Sorry, longish post.

  1. I have a burning question for those of you who have these fab bags: what do you carry in them on a regular basis, and how do they "hang" with lots of junk in them?! I recently bought my first H bag, a 31cm Bolide, which I love, but it's become clear that I cannot use this as my everyday bag, just because I carry so much stuff around all the time (but I need it all:rolleyes:)! So, this will have to be a going-out bag, as I can pretty much wedge it all in minus the GT agenda.

    So anyway, when I was deciding which bag to buy, my SA located a 30 cm etoupe Lindy :drool: in clemence, which I thought would be a :heart:perfect:heart: bag for me (I'm not working right now, and I'm a jeans-or-worse kind of girl unless going out or to a meeting). But (maybe b/c it was my first H bag, or because a lot of customers are waiting for Lindys, or whatever) they could have shipped from the other store but wanted my commitment to buy it/$$ sight unseen. I've never seen one IRL, and thought I'd need the 34 to fit all my stuff, so didn't do it.

    Would any of you who have a lovely Lindy be willing to post a pic of all the stuff you carry in it, and the way it hangs in action (i.e. does it keep its fold when full), along with the size? Thanks so much in advance, and thanks for reading my long, tedious post:smile:
  2. A 34 holds ALOT - more than I could ever fill...can't comment on a 30 though....sorry!

    But etoupe clemence 30 Lindy available for you...WOW! That would be an easy decision for me!
  3. i have a 34cm and when it's fully stuffed, it looks a bit bulky but fully stuffed meaning throwing everything i own into the bag. it's really roomy and i bought the 34 for the reason that i want to use as a baby bag too. so in your case, a 30 is perfect...and in etoupe, it is TD4! i would get it without thinking. the bag is really versatile; i like to use it on my arms and i rarely use the shoulder straps.
  4. Okay .. here's mine .. it's a 30 and this is what I carry on a daily basis .. Karo GM, Envelope (used as a wallet) .. coin purse, iPhone, pouchette from the Dogon wallet, sunglasses. Even with all of this .. there is a ton of room left. Hope this helps. Oh, and get the etaupe! :graucho:
    DSC06230.JPG DSC06231.JPG
  5. ^I love the rainbow of colours in your bag! Such a happy bag!
  6. LOL - I think it's too late! Thanks for your replies, and bagwhore, I love the colors in your bag, too! BTW, what size is the Bolide in your avatar?

    Thing is, I don't think I can swing it so quickly after the Bolide - I definitely feel like everyone says, that once you go H, you rarely go back, so I know the Lindy will be the next bag I look for, but it's still a lot to get used to spending, KWIM? I also know I want clemence, and am 99.5% sure about etoupe (only other possibility would be another grey), it was SO tempting, but I've never seen one IRL, and since they would be taking the only one from the other store they wanted me to pay up front. I need to be sure I can fit all my stuff in it, or I'll be disappointed.

    My SA also said that even though Lindys have been hard to get recently, now that the craftsmen are back from August and they're in high demand, they'll likely be making more in the coming months so there should be more available, and he took my number and said he'd call if one comes around so I could look at it. Also said they're a lot easier to find on the shelves pretty much everywhere outside the US, and I plan to travel to Europe in not-too-distant future. Whew! sorry so long AGAIN!
  7. Ok, here's what I carry every day: a big pouch with stuff :rolleyes:, Globe Trotter agenda, checkbooks, card case, sunglasses, pocket mirror, lip stuff (addicted), long wallet, phone, camera, and enough keys to be a super in a ten-story building. I like pockets. Here's all that stuff in an everyday bag. So whaddya think? 30 or 34?
    IMG_0945.JPG IMG_0946.JPG
  8. i also love the lindy. i tried on the 34 and liked it. i felt it had the right proportion for my body and height. i liked the drop. i didn't try the 30 and am wondering if that might be better. are all the proportions the same?
  9. Okay .. judging by your photos .. I think a 34 is more suitable for you .. the Bolide in the avatar is a 37cm .. xxoo
  10. Hi Lara - You're right that Lindys are readily available in Europe. I saw 4 30 cm Lindys on the shelf at the Amsterdam store last month. One was an Etoupe and it was gorgeous! I also saw a Lindy on the shelf in Terminal Three at Heathrow.
  11. Hi Lara - You're right that Lindys are readily available in Europe. I saw 4 30 cm Lindys on the shelf at the Amsterdam store last month. One was an Etoupe and it was gorgeous! I also saw a Lindy on the shelf in Terminal Three at Heathrow.
  12. I think that you would be happier with a 34cm Lindy based on what you want to carry in it. I've see quite a few Lindys available -- while popular they are not as hard to get as birkins and kellys.
  13. the lindy is growing on me
  14. :roflmfao:LOL!! It's like, "if you were normal, 30 would be fine, but...." j/k
    thanks! I figured it must be a 37, cuz I couldn't see all that pretty stuff fitting in the 31:smile:
  15. Definitely, a 34cm for you. I have a globetrotter and those things are pretty big, add in all the other things, and I think the 30cm would be too small for sure.