lindy owners-is there anything you don't like about it

  1. i have been thinking about the lindy since forever. i have seen and tried it on irl. it seems perfect.
    is there anything that you don't like about the bag. i have the victoria ft and love it but would love the longer strap on the lindy to use with a winter coat.
  2. Well I love mine. I can shove way too much stuff in it! I have a 30 cm. The one thing I don't like is the width of the purse makes it hard to carry close under yor arm. But I love the handles! No too much negative...Hope this helps!:smile:
  3. I love it. All I wish is that the long strap was detachable, but otherwise, I think it's fabulous!
  4. I had one...and ended up giving it to my sister. I don't know...I love the look of it...but it just irritated me. The strap needed to be longer...
  5. Yes. I had the same problem. I wound up not taking it. The 34cm hit me in the right spot, but it's too big IMO.....more of a carry on for me.....
  6. I agree. I wish I can detach the shoulder strap sometimes...
  7. ^ AAB - I SO love all your Lindy's in your avatar!!!!!
  8. I want one so badly, I don't care if the strap is not detachable!!! hehehe
    I say go for it...especially if you have always admired it and tried it on IRL.
  9. gooo candace!

    but yes I also wish the straps were detachable..esp on the lindy 34!!!
  10. I love the lindy, probably more than the birkin because of its flexibility.
    It has a lot of room and great for traveling.
    I have the 30 and use it more than my birkin.
  11. Hi all - I love the lindy [as Candice knows well]. I have two 34cm and want a 30 next. I put my birkins up for adoption. About the shoulder strap - I think they made it so it couldn't get lost like the kelly shoulder straps seem to go missing. If you loaded the lindy up, it might not be functional without the shoulder strap.
    I also love the soft clemence it comes in.
  12. Interesting that you all had the same reaction to the shoulder strap. I thought it was just me! I tried on the infamous rose dragee one at the Madison Ave store and it just wasn't me.
  13. I love the Lindy too...what are the different blues it comes in and would anybody know the price difference between the US and France?
  14. Nope, I love every bitty thing - the delicate color, buttery texture of swift, PH, hip but functional design, that I can carry it undetected, and even the freaken shoulder strap!
  15. After months and months of feeling that it looked too much like my tennis bag in high school, I've been won over by the Lindy. In certain colors and skins it is absolutely gorgeous, and a great casual bag. And I'm really grateful for the strap!

    The only drawback for me is that the flap, even when fully zipped with straps in place, is still not pickpocket-proof. With a birkin, you might be more conscious of someone trying to get at its contents. But if you wear your Lindy on the shoulder with the bag behind your arm, beware of close crowded places and wandering hands!