Lindy owners - how do you organise your bag?

  1. I've been seriously considering the 30cm Lindy but something just occured to me. Because of the shape/form of this bag, how do you keep it organised inside? For Birkins, I use my Chameleon Insert which is great as I do like to keep things neatly in compartments or at least in some way organised. I know there are two inside and outside patch pockets but those aren't enough for all my little bits and pieces. Besides, I don't like keeping things in outside pockets because of the relative ease of getting pick-pocketed.

    Those of you who own Lindys, do you find that you're resigned to having all your things swimming around in the bag? Please don't tell me you have multiple little bags inside like the Karo, Clarisse, Piccolo, etc??:sweatdrop: That would be too much fussin for me. It's like reaching for a bag within a bag - which I don't mind only for makeup items.
  2. I have a 30 cm Lindy, and I am very much a "pocket person" - I like having a compartment for everything. I've been putting my phone in an outside pocket. The inside pockets have pocket mirror and lip balm tin in one, and pen, little address book, and flat pack of gum in the other. Then I kind of do what you talked about w/ a Karo GM for cosmetics, wallet, agenda, key wallet, folding brush just floating, but the bag's small enough so they stay pretty much where I put them. I know someone was saying they do use the extra sturdy chameleon in their Lindy, maybe someone else will come along. Also, I'm feeling really lazy right now, but if you want I can take a picture of the inside of my bag tomorrow.

    BTW, I absolutely LOVE this bag, just got it last week and I was thinking I'd want a bunch of pouches to put in it, but I don't feel any urge to treat it preciously - I just toss stuff in it, grab it and go.
  3. There are two side outside and inside pockets already (to put in phone or other things) I have a pouch for my makeup, the globetrotter and the rest is sort of loose in there.
  4. The x-large Chameleon insert fits nicely into the 34cm Lindy, but I don't think the other sizes would work as well because the bottoms are not as wide to sit flatly on the bottom without sliding around.

    These days I pretty much just toss everything in there, but I do have things compartmentalized--Karo PM for makeup, Piccolo for pens, Ulysee TPM, Bearn wallet, & small agenda, with things like my cell phone, iPod, car keys, hand sanitizer, and snacks for DD floating around. It's not as messy as I thought it would get.
  5. S, I'd used my Bagmate purse organiser in my Lindy before but it pretty much altered the shape of the Lindy (looked too regular, too boxy). Now, I don't use any bag organisers. The 2 interior pockets, and 2 exterior pockets are sufficient for me to organise my stuff that need quick/easy access. All else float about inside my Lindy.
  6. ^^ I pretty much let everything float around too. But do have my clarisse in there for all the other small loose things. I find that when I have my Lindy, I can carry a lot more "stuff" around, e.g., book, puzzles, camera - things that I end up not using. But I love the compartments - they're for those items that you need to get right away - keys, cell phones, to do lists....
  7. hey luv, i'm just like Mz. Sparkles, it's all about the floaters in my beloved lindy. plus i use the pockets (both interior and exterior). good luck!
  8. Thanks all, for your replies. I'm now not sure if the Lindy's for me. I'm very used to having discrete compartments for all my little bits and pieces, even to the extent of being somewhat of a freak.

    Hmm, maybe I'll try and pour everything from my Chameleon Insert into my bag and carry it like that for a while to see if I can get used to it. But just the thought of that is giving me anxiety. :sweatdrop:
  9. ^ Serenity, I'm very impressed with your level of research you do on bags to determine if they are right for you.

    I was going to say, maybe get a Lindy in that new Toundra colour...but maybe I should be saying "get a Kelly in that new Toundra colour!" instead.
  10. LOL - Good Luck!

    S - if you come to our little tete-a-tete in November, you can play with my Lindy.
  11. ^^Aww, thanks Jas. I have bought bags (not Hermes) on impulse or without much thought before only to realise that they don't work all that well with my needs or lifestyle (or idiosyncrasies!!! LOL!).

    I really like the new colour! Does it only come in boxcalf atm? It's a colour that I'll really need to try on myself tho just to see how it looks against my skin tone. Still considering a gold/gold Kelly tho, heheh. Or Birkie.. What about you? Any closer to deciding on the Lindy/Kelly/Birkin?
  12. I'm really thinking about it!!! Trying to forsee what the heck is supposed to go on during that time here wrt my renos and whether I need to be here to supervise (the landscaper busted our septic pipe yesterday and I had to point it out to him, nevermind the refuse seeping out into the wide open!!!:cursing:). It's just never-ending fun here!

    Ooh la la, I would love to play with your Lindy, you saucy wench....:graucho:

  13. ^^I am guilty of the no-thought impulse bag purchase as well. And quite a few of these bags I've hated for the same reason, ie not being able to find anything in the bag.

    I've put the Lindy on the back-burner at the moment. I would love a gold on gold togo Birkin 35, but I think I will have to use stealth to get one (my store probably wouldn't sell me one). 2nd priority is another Kelly, but I love so many Kellys it's hard to choose just the one. If the new Rouge Piment appeared on a Kelly 32, that would be my impulse buy.
  14. I can't believe you are dong RENOs as well, SN. We have been having this "never-ending fun" for 12 months now at our own place!!!
  15. Oh no, you too?? It's just unbelievable, isn't it? Ours is nearly in it's 8th mth and we're only about half bloody way. There's a lot of earthworks atm which is great coz at least there's something happening, not like the builder who's gone AWOL for a couple weeks. Our landscaper is pretty good tho (apart from the septic thing, lol) and he works Saturdays and sometimes Sundays too if the weather during the week was bad. Weekend trady work is something unheard of here in my town unless you're a huge multi-million dollar commercial premise. That or a council funded project (read: rate payer funded!!!...).

    The Lindy is def on the back-burner for me too. Lol, we must be separated at birth! Hey, how do you find your Kelly? Do you use it with the shoulder strap? I'm thinking that if I get a grained leather retourne Kelly, I would like to use it fairly regularly, so for it to suit my needs, it will have to be more user friendly. Hate having to put the bag down just to get my mobile or wallet out.