Lindy Owners - do you ever do up the straps?

  1. Or do they just hang all the time?

    Also, I'm just about to get mine....what's you opinion, clemence or swift?
  2. I just received my Lindy RD in swift and I'm so over the moon in love I can't even put it in words. I use both, the handles and the strap and let the strap just gracefully fall. I don't find it to get in the way at all. And I'm not sure how I would tuck the strap into the bag.....I think the zippers would get in the way :confused1: Unless there is a secret Lindy trick that I missed.

    As for leather..........I LOVE swift, and find it to be a lot more sturdy than I thought. However, that being said, I would probably aim for clemence next...know that it is a little tougher.

    What color are you getting??!!??

    YIPEE another LINDY LOVER :heart:
  3. I just let mine hang. I love the look of Swift but my lifestyle/weather is more suited to Clemence so that is what I have.
  4. ahhh, this is going to be tough....should I go for clemence for durability? Hmmm.......?

    Oh, I should have been more specific....not the shoulder strap, the straps that join to the turnkey!
  5. same here. i just let mine hang. i love the leather swift too and find it very durable. i think you cant go wrong with either swift or clemence.

  6. ahhhh...that strap...yea..i just leave it hanging for a more casual look.
  7. The straps (zipper pulls) that join at the turnkey .... I just let them hang, GF. As a matter of fact, I hardly even use the 2 zippers. They are unzipped wide open & the zipper pulls dangle and drop inside the bag even, and I just flip over the flap to cover the opening of the Lindy.

    Swift is awesome for the Lindy. But Clemence is surely more durable and scratch resistant.
  8. ^thanks!

    Does the top "cover" sit inside your bag, or do you have it lying over the top, if you know what I mean?
  9. ^^ Lying over the top.
  10. I just got a Lindy and do and leave unzipped..depends if I need to get in it later.....
    Mrs. that a Kelly longue in your pic? I love, love that bag!!!
  11. Never. Only time they're done up is when the bag goes to "rest" in-box.
  12. I just let em hang as I rarely zip the top.
  13. ^^I think I will carry the Lindy like that and I prefer Clemence since it is more durable and scratch resistant and suitable for my lifestyle:tup:
  14. GF: I have not found one scratch or mark of any kind on my clemence Lindy and I have been using it pretty regularly since I got it. I ususally leave the zipper straps open, and top just falls onto the bag and looks about hte same as if you zip the straps. Sometimes I zip one strap for some extra security when I go certain places. I also find that I switch from the shoulder strap to the handles and back constantly--it has been a very convenient bag! I still think it looks a bit "dressier" in swift.
  15. ^ thanks!! That's really helpful....gee...I'm really stuck with this swift v clemence decision.....