Lindy or Massai? I really want both--but can only have one

  1. So, I've been a very BAD girl the past couple weeks. Let's just say with DH gone and son in summer camp 3 days a week for 5 hours a day....I've spent A LOT of time at Somerset....and even more $$$$$$.

    But here is the kicker.....I'm craving more!! (I might need professional help:shrugs:) So here is my problem. I'm dying for 3 particular bags. 1. Lindy, 2. Massai, 3. Chanel bowler. But my bank account says 1 only! I've tried on both the Massai and Chanel, but not the Lindy, but feel IN DEEP PASSIONATE LOVE with Orchids pics of her Lindy. And probably won't have a chance to try one since I don't live by an H boutique and my local NM doesn't have one.

    Getting the Lindy would take more planning/saving, the Massai and Chanel would be immediate gratification.

    WHAT TO DO?!

    Thanks :heart:
  2. Of the 3, I vote the Lindy.

    I fell in love with a bronze Chanel bowler last May. Got it from my local store. And in a month, I sold it. (at a loss) I didn't see it as a timeless bag. It's an IT bag that has already lost its lustre, not to mention a year on.

    I personally think a Lindy will be timeless. And it doesn't scream the brand in your face.

    Between the Lindy and Massai, I think the Lindy has more usable space.

    What about the Victoria Fourre Tout? That's a great shoulder bag too.
  3. I really wanted to ask if you had posted a picture of you and HIA :flowers: Reason: Both Massai and Lindy looks so different and I can't visualise :shame:

    Without visualisation, just based on practicality, Lindy. Its interior is leather whereas Massai is canvas. Lindy will hold more as compared to the Massai (PM).
    HTH :flowers:
  4. Whatever you decide for - Masai or Lindy - these are two bags that IMO one definitely needs to try on before taking the plunge.
  5. massai. i am DYING for a massai. it's almost all i can think about.

    i am not a fan of the lindy. i think it looks nice on some people but i tried it on and it was super awkward looking on me.
  6. both are awesome.

    however if you find a lindy you love get it...because they are harder to find than the massai.

    and since you want both...wait a bit and get the massai later!
  7. Aw, Emanu, thanks! I do love my Lindy, but think the Massai has a lovely silhouette. I agree with Hello that whatever the choice you must try both on. A few things though; do you carry a lot in your bags? The Massai is lovely, but I've been told it can be a little tricky getting in and out quickly. The Lindy holds a lot (in a 34cm) but some find the wide profile isn't for them once they try it on. I had a Chanel Metallic Black Lux Bowler for a week that I just never used. It wasn't me, and like MrsS mentioned I just didn't see the longevity in my closet so it's now with someone else. I say go with the one that makes your heart flutter, even if you have to delay the gratification, but make sure you can try your choices on. I think that will make the decision easier for you.
  8. ^ good points Orchids!
    Also, when you think about a Masai (I presume a PM size?) - remember that it is not a bag that fits a whole lot. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely bag (I am the happy owner of one) but the PM size is NOT BIG.
  9. oh i think the pm is pretty big...
  10. I am bias...I love the Lindy. Any particular color?
  11. I would go for the Lindy. I was able to try one on last week and fell in love with it! So functional!!!!

    I had a Masai PM but found it was harder for me to find things. It sort of became a "black hole" of stuff!
  12. I have to vote for the Lindy! Knowing you personally, I think you would love this bag on, and would enjoy it for many years to come. Also, I know NM had one in a couple of weeks ago, and I think Lisa might be able to get you another one! Why not call Lisa and talk to her and see whether she can get one into teh store so you can go and try it one for size, feel it, and see if love it! You know I will meet you there and come play with all the bags and tell you my honest opinion. But I truly believe that in the long run, you would love the Lindy as you are always attracted to that style bag!!!!!
  13. I don't have the Massai (yet :graucho:) but do have the Lindy. The Lindy is very versatile, hold her in your hand, I like that look best or over the shoulder, two complete different looks. I have a Lindy 30cm and really it holds a LOT.
  14. Both are so pretty. I have to vote Massai...just because I want one so badly myself right now! :tup:
  15. I totally agree with hello2703:yes: better try it on first.

    Im petite, i like my bags slim and sleek IMHO:smile: