Lindy or Birkin???

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  1. Hi everyone! I need help, I'm torn between Lindy or Birkin (both size 30)! I want a Birkin because it's only going to keep getting more expensive, so if I want one I should get it before the next price increase since it's now in the $8000's. I love the solid shape of the bag but when looking at my friend's bag, I was struggling to get in and out of it. It's a bit complicated. And I want Lindy because of its versatility and easy access...Do I just want a Birkin because of all the hype??? Help!:shrugs:
  2. What is your lifestyle? Don't worry about the Birkin being 'complicated' to get in and out of - once the leather has softened, it will get easier and most people wear it open anyway.
    What should be more of an issue - it is for me - is the availability - or lack of - a shoulder strap.
    Do you like carrying your bag on your shoulder on a strap? Then the Lindy (or perhaps a Kelly or a Bolide?) should work for you.
    If you like carrying your bags in your hand or on your arm then a Birkin (or Kelly or Bolide) will work for you.
  3. Get the Lindy first if there is no financial issue. Sounds like you will use it more. No point buying something that you can't use comfortably, it will just put you off the whole brand.

    For a birkin, most people just open the flap and tuck it in, and carry it as an open tote. If you are just struggling with the straps and the flap, just tuck it in, problem solved.
  4. My first H bag was a Lindy. I enjoy the shape and the way it changes between handheld and shoulder. I never bought into the whole Birkin mystique. I have always wanted a Kelly never a Birkin. I like the looks of the Kelly better, but now I understand how the Birkin is so much easier to deal with. My Lindy is a 34 and my Kelly is a 35. Both good sizes and easy on the eyes! You really can't get away with leaving a Kelly open! A Lindy is very unusual and you don't see many around. I think I'll be using my Lindy (Ardoise) a great deal once the weather gets colder.
    Hard choices, but good luck!
  5. Birkin! If you don't have one and love Hermes, you should get Birkin first before moving on to other styles.
  6. I love the option of a shoulder strap but I also like how you can preserve the Birkin handles with twillys. I was thinking Bolide also but I don't like how it or Kelly looks with the shoulder strap....I don't need it for everyday use, more like a days-off, out with friends, on vacation kind of bag. I'll be too scared to use it every day, which brings me to my next question...should I get an Evelyne or Garden for everyday?
  7. Think everyday use. These bags are meant to be used everyday and unless you absolutely trash it, will improve with wear.
  8. Really? I just know I'm going to baby it...
  9. I would go for a Lindy first, because I love the bag. Plus, in clemence they are nearly indestructable. If you go for a Birkin, I would suggest Epsom, Togo, or Clemence, and then USE IT!!! Get the workhorse leathers so you can use your bag with a little less babying needed. Have you considered a preloved bag? It's not impossible to find one in fantastic to new condition under boutique retail in great usable leathers.
  10. They're too expensive to just be babied. These are sturdy bags we're talking about. They shouldn't be trashed and always treated with respect and care and love but they're meant to be used and used and used. That's why you should think about a bag that you can use everyday AND on holidays. Or perhaps you can consider a Garden Party for holidays (great bag, by the way). But your main bag should be worn everyday.
  11. You all bring up great points!
  12. My Lindy was my first H bag, and I love the combo of the shoulder strap if you want it. You can also wrap the twillys round the handles of the Lindy if you want. As Bella has already said in clemence they are virtually indestructable, although saying that I did baby it to start with because it was my first H bag.

    I would go for the Lindy if it was me for a first bag that you can use everyday
  13. What would I do without tPF???:heart::heart:
  14. Look forward to your reveal, whichever bag you get
  15. I would say that it depends a bit on your lifestyle. I would go for the Birkin since the Lindy is to casul for me.