Lindy Or Birkin

  1. hi all, new to this forum but thought i would get some advise on new bags. thinking of buying new Lindy in black or just pass on a bag that may be just a one season thing and stick to order of next birkin (already own 6). appreciate your views!
  2. If you already have 6 Birkins, I'd go with the Lindy for a little diversity. I think it's a great, unique style. Maybe get it in a color?
  3. Sorry, 5 birkins (black, orange, brown, white, blue jean) and 1 kelly (tan). i find that i tend to use the classic colors so not sure about color....I havent actually seen the bag but wondering if easy to hold (with the extra strap and all) or if i ll get annoyed with it after a while.
  4. ariel, if you already have multiple Birkins, I'd say go for a Lindy! It'd be a nice addition to your H collection. :smile:
  5. Oh it's quite easy to hold. You have your choice of using either the shoulder strap or hand handles. You'll love it!

    Btw, I echo the other ladies - try a Lindy and give the Birkin a break.

    Since you like classic colors, how about etoupe clemence or rose dragee swift? Good luck!
  6. Etoupe is a lovely idea. I ll head to shop to check out the Lindy then -
    Thanks all!
  7. Yes, give the Lindy a go. See how it feels. If you like it, it'll make a nice change from the Birkin.
  8. Dear Ms. A1987:

    Try the Lindy, you won't go wrong as it's lite and diversified (can be handheld and on shoulder).

    DH actually like my Lindy THE MOST!!!
  9. Hbird and I will say 'GET A LINDY'.
    Yes. I'm predicting for her. :smile:
    I want one more than a Birkin, that's how badly i want one. And it isn't just a one season thing.
  10. One more vote for Lindy, I'm so loving mine!
  11. Go for the Lindy, since you've got 6 birkins. Lindys are really snappy bags!
  12. I too vote for a little diversity!
  13. LINDY!!:tup::yahoo:
  14. An SA in my local boutique said on Wed. that the lindy is now H's second most popular bag after the birkin. I don't think it will be a one season thing.
  15. go for a Lindy. I really love mine!!