Lindy or Birkin

  1. Sooooo....after my visit to the local H yesterday, the SA who was helping me took my name down for either a BJ 30 Lindy or a Etoupe 30 Lindy :smile:. I didn't even mention the word "birkin" although I would really really really really really want one. I am resigned to the fact that I most probably will not be able to just purchase one off the shelf as I pretty much know what kind of birkin I want (and not just buy one just because it's there) and plus I am not able to visit the H store very often.

    So my dilemma is, if my SA calls me for the Lindy, should I get it or should I decline it and try to ask her to put me on the list for a birkin? I can only buy one H bag every 2-3 years (that's what I budgeted for myself). And I would rather get a birkin first as it is my first :heart:love:heart:.

    The other question is, the birkin I am lusting after, I am not sure how easy it is to come by? I am currently coveting a 35 black PH box birkin. Are these only for ordering or do they come into stock once in a while? The best scenario would be if she calls me in for the Lindy, I get it and she also lets me put in an order for my holy grail birkin...and maybe 1+ yr later, my holy grail bag comes in and I get to pick it up :nuts:!!!

    What do my fellow tPFers think?? Am I dreaming or can this be my reality:confused1:?
  2. Do not settle for a bag that you don't really want.
    Have your SA take down your name for your dream bag but possibly give some alternatives regarding the leather.
    Don't settle.
    A Lindy is too expensive a bag not to really love it when what you really want is a Birkin.
  3. I agree with hello. Wait for the bag you REALLY want. There is nothing like it.
  4. I also vote "wait".

    Mr. Fashionista, as you know, you may want to consider purchasing a BIrkin from a reputable reseller if you can't wait/don't have time to develop a relationship with an H SA to get a Birkin. Of course you will end up paying a premium for it...

    But IMO, that is a better alternative then buying an expensive bag like Lindy which is not your first choice. (I also love my Lindy, but my "true" love is my black Birkin)
  5. Thanks for your opinions! However, do you think the SA will put my name on the list if I don't purchase anything from her? I was planning to buy the Lindy to "build" my relationship with her....
  6. I also say wait for your dream bag. :smile:
  7. Please let your SA know that you want the Birkin and that you can get to the store as soon as she calls you or just go in several times a week...that's how I scored mine without purchasing anything before hand.
  8. Wait, make some smaller purchases and then get your SA to SO one for you.
  9. Go talk to ur SA and tell her u want to put in a Birkin order. It is what u really want!
  10. Don't get the lindy just to build relationship, it's too expensive. If you want the Birkin, just get the birkin. I started off with bracelets, scarves, there are also stuff like belt, ties.
  11. ms.fashionista, I would love for you to focus on your dream bag. Going down the Lindy route is an expensive thing to do.

    Long ago, I received a very useful and effective tip from someone here, and I followed it. Get a scarf or two to start. Over time, I found out more about how things work. I'll PM you.
  12. ^I would agree with the getting smaller items first route. Btw, a friend got a lindy, and she was complaining that it was very hard to get in and out of, although it's a gorgeous bag...

    I say: wait for your dream bag.
  13. Thanks for all the comments:smile:! I think the best thing for me to do is to go in and see the Lindy IRL when it comes in...and see if it sings to me or not as I think I can see a Lindy in my future H collection...if it doesn't sing to me, I will decline it and start purchasing some scarves and bracelets like some of you have mentioned to build the relationship with my SA and maybe she will ask if I am looking for something else! Oh by the way, should I bring up the word "birkin" or should I wait for her to bring it up to me?
  14. ^^^WAY TO GO! I think you should mention after a few purchases that your are interested in a birkin
  15. Trust me, it will come out naturally. :yes: