Lindy Lovers...

  1. Can you please tell me how functional the top flap of the bag is? Is it really easy to get in and out of? Do you prefer it over your other bags? Do you use the shoulder strap mostly, or carry by the handles?
  2. I do not get a lot of compliments. I must look boring or something... but on my Lindy I do get a lot of compliments....

    I leave the zippers open.. for easy access. I think it is a great bag a real shoulderbag if you want to and a handbag. Both look great.
  3. GF,
    it is very easy to get stuff in and out of that bag. The only way I carry it is on my shoulder and the XL chameleon insert fits in the 30 perfectly. 30 in Rouge H is what I own.

    ETA: I usually leave 1 side of the zipper open.
  4. ^ Thanks Girls!

    Luv2's new etoupe Lindy has me considering one for the first time.....
  5. It can truly be dressed up or down... As a handheld i think it looks spectacular.
  6. I personally prefer it as a shoulder bag. It's such an interesting take on a purse. Here's why I love it:

    1. Easy access to my belongings
    2. 2 external pockets
    3. 2 internal pockets
    4. Wear it on my shoulder
    5. Carry it in my hands
    6. 5 beautiful feet for the bottom
    7. 4 pressure points as opposed to 2 so the purse doesn't sag on the sides and carries its look very well.

    This probably shouldn't even matter but the Lindy is H's 3rd best selling bag which explains why they are coming up with a bigger size Lindy.
  7. Do they carry the Lindy bag in the stores often?
  8. The Lindy in matte croc as shown in Le Monde is just beautiful IMO. I think it would look stunning in either ebene or cocoan color.
  9. Depends on your locality, in certain places, all the customers ever want is the 'Birkin' ... so in places like these, you will probably see lots of others.

  10. We had that exact one at our store, didn't even make it onto the floor!! GF's non-croc budget (I would be buying this myself, not a gift from DH!), what colour in, say...swift perhaps, would you suggest?
  11. GF this bag is by far the most comfortable and usable H bag I have. It's very easy to get in and out of (I usually zip both sides, but leave the latch open) .. it feels very lightweight even when it's full of stuff .. sits comfortably on the shoulder .. they really got it right with this one! And added bonus are the outside pockets, which are great for the cell phone and keys!
  12. Hmm... etoupe swift would be loverly..... (my heart did a pitter patter over the parchmein swift lindy but it was just too light a color to be practical I felt)
  13. What darker colour does swift come in? I can't recall...
  14. Either ebene, or olive or gold with white stitching would be nice.
  15. The Lindy is my fav hermes bag. I carry a Lindy almost everyday no matter what I am wearing. It dresses up and down! I usually wear it with the strap however I have at times changed to a handles (depending on my outfit). I also leave one zipper unzipped for easy access. To me the Lindy is the most "user friendly" bag Hermes makes.