Lindy Longing

  1. What is the secret? I found my perfect bag yesterday as per TPF in San Fransisco. Card in hand ready to purchase. Of course when I asked for the bag to be shipped I was nicely told that I could purchase by phone but I needed to pick it up. I explained that I live out of the country but I have a second home in the states and it isn't near CA. The SA asked if I had a friend that could pick up my purchase. I don't think I know anyone in CA. I thought of a courier service then I said to myself "Gain control, you are insane." Is there something else I should have asked? Some magic greeting or phrase? I just discovered the site three days ago and you people have already infected me with the orange virus and I'm 5,000 miles away. lol!!!
  2. There is no secret phrase. There is much luck behind the conversation and if all things allign, then it can heppen. I can't say it always does, but it has before for many people.

    What bag are you exactly trying to get? Maybe somehow we can get you help?
  3. I wanted the etoupe 34 Lindy
  4. Where are you located? Is there a Hermes store close to you? maybe you can ask them to call the hermes store to send to them so you can pick it up?
  5. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and my house in the states is in Indiana - I know --wierd mix!!! I thought of that but the SA was very firm about no shipping. It is my first bag I have a scarf collection and many of their shoes. But I kept waiting for a special occasion to buy a bag. The other day I was in one of the LV stores here and they were showing all different bags, I was shown all of the new things from the most recent collection. They love to try and be so secret about the new items, only showing certain customers and a lot of body-blocking to hide the new item from other customers. Kind of silly but they do have waiting lists for new items. I was looking to celebrate my third year "cancer free" anniversary with a special purchase. After they showed my the largest "patch-worky" tote I thought to myself "are these scraps they picked up off the factory floor?" Something about it seemed desperate. I decided I would buy an Hermes bag. I will keep it forever and it is a beautiful reminder of overcoming one of life's many obstacles. Normally I get a piece of jewelry but you can't wear it much here because of the crime. With the bag it wouldn't call so much attention. So I could use it without fear. I know my bag is out there somewhere!! Maybe the "hunt" is part of the fun.
  6. kyconde, congratulations on your great health success, and I wish you many many decades more of perfect health.

    Did you ask to speak with the manager at the San Fran Hermes? Have you ever spoken with any Hermes Sales Associates in the states before? If you have a previous relationship with an SA, they could take over negotiations for you.

    Would San Fran consider transferring it to Chicago or Pennsyvania or New York after you purchased it over the phone? When do you plan to go to your home in Indiana? If you plan to go soon, this might work - buy it now, and have it sent to a boutique close to you to be held there for you.

    Though, I have never had a bag "held." I suppose if you purchased it and they sent it to Chicago or PA or NY to "wait" for you there, maybe they wouldn't have a problem?

    Hermes is quirky. I would talk to the manager at the San Fran boutique (unless you already did). That might help a bit.

    Good luck, pls keep us updated. :heart:
  7. Congratulations that you are cancer free, you definately need a Hermes bag for celebration :smile:

    If you can get the Hermes store is it New Mexico ? to call the Hermes store, I think they will do it? You could try. The lindy is lovely and Etoupe is a gorgeous color.
  8. What a fantastic reason to reward yourself, I wish you many cancer-free years to come. Your Lindy will someday pop up, shame about the not shipping part!
  9. Congratulations on your health! You deserve a Lindy!

    Maybe you could try a different store, I remember reading here that Hermes in Las Vegas is willing to ship the Lindy. Also, a friend of mine just got one shipped from H store in Hawaii (not sure which one tho).

    Best of luck!
  10. Congratulations! What a milestone! Unfortunately, I don't have an answer to your question though. Best chance is to have a store that is in Brazil (do the have one?) do a transfere.
  11. Congratulations on the great news!!

    I hope you will find your perfect lindy soon!!
  12. Congratulations on your recovery! That is incredible! I really hope you find that Lindy soon!!!! Keeping fingers crossed for you!
  13. Congrats! I hope you find the Lindy soon as well, last night there was an etoupe Lindy at the Ala Moana boutique here, it wasn't on the floor so I'm sure its still there. Try there if you can't get the one you're looking at :smile:
  14. I have great news! I just bought a brown Lindy 30. I'm returning to the states in a few days so I'm going into the store to make sure the 30 is the right fit for me. I'm tall that's why I thought the 34 would be better, let's see. I really appreciate all of your kind words. You guys have all made this a great day! No better way to spend a special day - talking to people who love the same thing you do!!
  15. CONGRATS !!!!! thats great news :yahoo:
    I have a 30cm Lindy and love the size, it will hold a lot :smile: Let us know what you will be getting and maybe some modeling pictures?