Lindy Leather Suggestions

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  1. Hello Ladies
    I am wanting to get a lindy...wht leather is better in a lindy? swift togo or clemence?

    i am not sure about swift in lindy..will it be full of scratches and hi maintenance?

    thanks in advance!
  2. ILoveCocoChanel I don't think they ever made the Lindy in Togo, but they made it in Evergrain, Swift and Clemance. I have Swift and Clemance and I think it depends on how much structure you want. My Clemance Lindy is smooshy and floppy and my Swift Lindy is stiffer. Also it depends on the color your looking for too. For me I would prefer Swift in ighter colors and Clemance in darker colors. I hope this helps!!!:flowers:
  3. I like my Lindy in clemence because I think the shape and design of a Lindy is meant to be soft and slouchy
  4. i especially adore the bicolor Lindys... will you consider this or just a single color Lindy?!

    i agree that the slouchiness of clemence is especially perfect for a bag like Lindy! corners of Swift do wear quite easily and i think a bag like Lindy is prone to jean transfer (depending on how one wears it), so that might be something to consider.

    of course, croc souple is always gorgeous on a Lindy! it's like buttah!
  5. ITA. Clemence is a good choice for Lindy. Since Lindy can be worn very casually and as a everyday bag, corner wear can happen very easily for Swift.

    Croc is very beautiful on Lindy, but fo that price point, I can only drool!! :drool:

  6. I don't think the Lindy ever came in togo. Only swift and clemence.

    Of these two, I would prefer clemence. Swift does not wear very well, especially on a bag whose corners are prone to rubbing. And swift cannot be refurbished like clemence.
  7. thank you ladies..i was wondering why i dont see any togo around..i am opting for clemence in mykonos blue..i hope to get it coming dec/january!

    bi colour lindy wud be amazing..
    when i was in paris beg sept..there was only 1 LINDY. its ridiculous. i cud get b and kellys and other things but NO LINDYS. when i was there in 2009 there was like 50 lindys all over the store! i didnt love the lindy back in 2009..but now, its growing on me and i keep thinking abt it..

    so blue mykonos!!!!! PLS COME TO ME QUICK!

    also got a letter from FSH saying that my SO from 2009 is having delay due to skin problems. they said i shud expect it end of this year! 15 months!!!

    im so happy i got the letter which means i know my order is in and not "disposed" or "disregarded" i am looking forward to this SO.....doesnt the best things come in time?
  8. Is your SO an exotic skin or a normal leather, just wondering what skins they are having problems with?
  9. normal leather but a special colour..rose shocking chevre:smile: i think thats why they r having prob
  10. For Lindy, I prefer Clemence. Mine is clemence and I love the softness, floppiness and squishiness of it!
  11. I love Lindy's in both clemence and swift :heart:

    I do prefer the way swift takes the color though. The colors on swift seem more vivid to me.

    I also love the bi-colors. The bi-color I have is etoupe/grisT and it really is a fun bag.

    I think the blue would be gorgeous! I hope you get it quickly :smile:

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  12. ^^Ranag, Are all those yours?! If they are can you share the color name and the leather type?
  13. Yes - I have a bit of a Lindy :P

    The first is a 30cm in Ardoise Swift
    The second is a 30cm bi-color in Etoupe/Gris T Clemence
    The third is a 34cm in Parchemin Clemence
    The fourth is a 34cm in Rosy Swift
    The fifth is a 30cm in Lagon Swift
  14. I like swift. It's smooth and soft and slouchy =)
  15. My first H bag was an etoupe clemence Lindy...perfect leather for this bag, in my opinion, because as everyone has said here, the bag lends itself to a slouchier leather. And I adore the versatility of etoupe. Your Lindy in Mykonos should be gorgeous!