Lindy feedback: any dyed in the wool structured/kelly/birkin types. try it, like it?

  1. I am I think what you guys call a "birkin girl" - the birkin bag is my "primary" bag. Although I find I carry my new kelly bag a lot. It has the same organizational crispness as a birkin - maybe even more.

    I have recently been captivated by the Lindy. A very odd, but strangely endearing, bag. Particularly in clemence. I have never had such an "unstructured" bag before. So heres my question to you Lindy owners who are kelly or birkin bearers: what's your take on it? Do you love the ergonomics? Do you find yourself reaching for it (or reaching for a birkin or kelly instead?) Did any of you who bought one, have second thoughts or find it didn't really work for you.
  2. Hi, JM. I'm more a structured Kelly/Bolide girl than a Birkin girl, but I do have a view for you on this. I like my bags really structured--all but 1 of my Kellies are rigide and 2 of my Bolides are VL and the Birkin I have on order is also in VL. I hated the Lindy in the pictures, but as soon as I saw one IRL and tried it on, I was completely hooked. :borg: I bought a turquoise swift Lindy thinking it would be a fun weekend bag, but I have ended up carrying it to work sometimes and lo and behold, I have found it so practical and enjoy carrying it so much--the versatility with the shoulder strap versus handles, e.g.--that I recently bought a second one in black clemence. Yep--I went from one extreme to another.
  3. MaggieD, you speak truthfully the words of a real Lindy convert:flowers:.

    I love the Lindy the moment I saw it on the runway. And at that time, the only thing that was holding me back, was whether it has feet. (I believe gigi will remember that moment it's revealed that it has)

    I do not regard the Lindy as a IT bag, that it's made out to be with some magazines. This is one design that should have its longevity, because of its practicality.

    Although I would love to carry a Birkin everywhere I go, sometimes having my hands free is a great relief, especially when I have tons of errands to run. Granted that carrying a Kelly on its shoulder strap would meet the criteria of keeping my hands free, the access in and out of Kelly can never be as easy as the Lindy. This is one of the best feature of the Lindy >> easy access.

    I was at my local H store yesterday looking at some new arrivals, and the assistant manager looked at my Lindy and commented that it's really such a great, practical bag. I couldn't agree more.
  4. I would be interested in your opinions on the sizes - I am not all that familiar with the sizing, but I thought there were two sizes, 30 and 34? Is that correct? I actually think I might like the smaller one.
  5. MrsS, I have to give it right back at you--you also speak the truth. :flowers:

    ITA MrsS that there's no way access in and out of a Kelly can come close to the ease of the Lindy. And speaking of great features of the Lindy, let's not forget those outside pockets!

    And as to the sizes, JM, you are correct--the Lindy is available in both the 30 and 34. I myself, standing all of 5'4" at best in my bare feet, prefer the 30. I find it plenty roomy for my needs. I felt the 34 did start looking a little too much like a fancy gym bag on me, but I know many Lindy owners prefer the 34.
  6. PS - I wonder if the Lindy will be one of those "flash in the pan" bags (like the drag bag or the herbag) that doesnt have much staying power, or whether it will be more like the evelyn or picotin (neither of which I care for, but I have to admit, they have a solid position in the market)
  7. Jedi, am glad you posted this question as I had the same thoughts. I was intrigued by the Lindy the moment I saw the runway photos, then thought maybe it was too young/trendy for me (and I am a Birkin girl like you). Then I went through a "let it pass" phase. Then I went in to see a 34 and I liked it, I liked how different it was from my Birkins and Kellys. So now I am just confused. Right now, I am hoping the perfect Lindy doesn't come my way. I turned down a rouge H one recently, because my DH astutely said, "too serious a color for that style."
  8. I think it looks great when carried by hand by the double handles. However, over the shoulder, i am not so sure. If its not almost empty, it can look like a gym bag with the handles in the wrong place. Or is this part of the whole odd/endearing thing. I am confused.
  9. jedimaster, I have been collating pictures of the Lindy in the reference section. Do pop in there to have a look, if you haven't already checked out that thread.

    Maybe you still haven't found the colour and leather combo that'd go DING DING DING for you. It took me weeks to decide that I wanted Etoupe Swift and nothing else.

    I like the 34cm. For the exact reason that you're afraid it might look like a gym duffle bag, the 34cm is roomier and will fold very nicely to retain it's clam-shell / fortune cookie souple look.

    At the end of the day, it depends on how much you will put inside the Lindy. If you're very streamlined with what you have all the time, then the 30cm could well be enough. I have toddlers. So you can imagine I have their things in my bag as well ... the odd toy that they insist they must bring out of the house (else a melt-down), a partially finished donut along the way, their sticker etc etc. So for my current lifestyle and scenario, it's the 34cm for me.
  10. That's right, MaggieD :heart:. That's where my car keys and mobile phone go!
  11. Dear Ms. J:

    Color+leather+size will make you either like it or hate it. Not sure how tall you are, but 30cm is just roomy enough. With its design being slouchy, definitely NOT going to look like a GYM bag!!!

    Let us know what you end-up choosing?!
  12. hmm. i'm not sure if i qualify as i don't have a birkin, just a JPG. nor do i have a kelly, just a pouchette. however i do have a lindy.:yahoo::wlae:

    i ADORE my lindy. and no i don't regret its purchase whatsoever. however all three bags are so different so i use whichever's appropriate for the occasion. hope this helps.

    good luck.

    p.s. i find that for most people, either it's a love or hate kinda thing. but doesn't that apply for all bags. :p
  13. I love the look, agree about the strangely endearing part. I love it on the shoulder, size 34cm, in colours like etoupe and dark colours. The toile combo is gorgeous too.
  14. maggie, mrssparkles, morgan, nola, hermeslemming, pepper - thank you for your thoughts, this is helpful. Its funny about the handles - I really like my bolide bag, but I do find the placement of the handles annoying when trying to open the bag - I tolerate it because, well, its a bolide bag and thats where the handles are. I find it clever that, in the lindy, they moved the handles so they are not in the way. Its innovative, without being edg, casual without being trendy. I am 5 7, and I looked at a 30 this week. I think the colors I like in it are etoupe and blue jean, neither of which are in the store right now, but maybe eventually. mrssparkles - i especially like your description of the foldover as "clam shell/fortune cookie"
    I had looked at the pictures in the reference section, as well as having seen some over the past couple months, and I think the colors I like best in this particular bag are etoupe (that would probably be my first choice) or blue jean. In swift or clemence.
  15. Before my Lindy, my only H bags were Bolide (vache liagee) and Birkin (togo).

    I love being able to throw things into my Lindy, and agree that the outside and inside pockets are wonderful. Like mrssparkles, my son's odd and ends up being in those outside pockets -- toy cars, Pokkemon cards, you name it. During the weekdays, my mobile phone and blackberry. My only H bag where it allows me to get my mobile phone on time!