lindy doesnt come w/ lock and keys?

  1. how come lindy doesnt come w/ lock and keys like the kelly and birkin? i really love the lock :sad:
  2. I was a little bummed that it didn't come with it, but there really is no place for it; unlike on the Kelly and the Birkin, the turnkey on the Lindy doesn't have a hole through which to place a lock so it doesn't have that function.
  3. Dear Ms. Ling:

    NOPE, that's why it is a CASUAL, easy access bag. It's TRI-ANGULAR shape make it unique bag which so far no other brand is able to imitate, that's why I LOVE this style.

    Hope this info helps....
  4. :nogood: But, It's Not Needed.....:heart: The Casual Elegance Of The Lindy!!!!!
  5. The Lindy is no doubt a great casual bag !

    If it were to come with the lock as the one shown here (obviously a fake, eeek ! ) , this is how it might look (roughly)..