Lindy dilemmas

  1. I am interested in a Lindy i saw the orange in pics made some calls and found a SA that has one on hold for me. Now the ? is do I want it in orange if I already have a orange birkin 35 should I wait for a another color? I read that orange is rare in Lindy but I`m all confused HELP!!!!:girlsigh:
  2. Who cares about scarcity of color... Buy what you love. There is no rule that your bags must be different colors. I know of one other TPFer whose entire collection is one color - Black!
  3. A Lindy in orange is pretty hot. I loved it on Naomi Campbell... go for it if it looks good on you...
  4. Dear Ms. A:

    I love the lindy and have that exact one in swift which I would have wished it was Clemece....

    LOVE the color though!!!
  5. Alegory, I don't think there's anything wrong with having two orange bags. And they are two different styles. I say go for it. :smile:
  6. I have a orange Birkin and an orange Lindy. They are two different styles with the Lindy being more casual. I love both.
  7. Follow your heart AND your wallet, KWIM :yes:. Take it if you can't resist the bag but don't feel obligated to do so just because you were offered. If you are after more color diverse collection then another orange is not the best idea IMO.
    Good luck!
  8. an Orange Lindy would be HOT!!!! SMOKIN!!! FAB!!!! if you love it, get it with no regrets! Lindys and Birkins serve different purposes, so no problems with that. And even if they were for the same exact purpose, like others have said, many people buy the same color for all bags because it is their color.
  9. Alegory- i have been thinking a lot about your dilemma. i guess since you are talking about a lindy the other consideration would be the skin and would you be happy with either. to me the skin and the way a bag feels is almost more important than color.
    i have the victoria ft in black clemence and when i went looking for the lindy i wanted the same thing. i loved everything about the black clemence. the look, the feel, everything. but when i put it next to the cafe clemence lindy i felt if it had been black, it would have been so the same, i'm not sure it would have served as unique a function for me. the lindy just seemed to sing to me in cafe. i think when you really love a color or skin it is great but i really over bought non hermes bags last year that i didn't wind up using because although thought i loved them in the end they weren't different enough from each other.
    i don't know if this is helpful or clearly worded but i hope it helps.
  10. Oh, this is very hard! I am the same as you but for raisin. I have a hard time resisting anything in that color.
    But since you do have the orange birkin, maybe you sould try another color? my experience is that the lindy has not been dificult to come by so it shouldn't be hard to get a different color.
  11. If you think you will wear both, then go ahead! If you think having both bags in orange will cause you to use one of them less or if you're worried you'll get tired of the color, then look for something else. Your gut is probably telling you what the right move is!
  12. Hello to all thank you to all.
    The the SA got sick and called me to say they were going to be out today and Sat so I have till then plus I will go in and try it on for looks. but
    I kinda want the orange.
  13. I think you should go for it!!
  14. I love the orange Lindy....that picture of NC was what made me love the Lindy in the very beginning!
  15. I think you'll know as soo as you put it on. Sounds like your heart is saying orange and you should always listen to your heart!:tup: