Lindy clemence and?Why not in my favorite colour? :(

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  1. Hellooo everyone :smile:
    I have never thought about purchasing a Hermès-bag , but after having visited the store in Paris I think I fell in love!
    I just have one question about colours and leathers. I thought about having a lindy, but my dream-colours would be lagoon or rose shocking :love:
    There is only one problem: I just saw that these two colours dont exist for Clemence. How does it come that some colours aren t available for certain leather-types? Is it because Clemence and rose shocking or lagoon don t fit each other?
    Or would it still be possible to make a special order?
    You would be so helpful , I am still a Hermès-newbie :shame: thanks!
  2. These colours don't exist for a particular leather because they don't dye the leather with that colour. Simple as that, for reasons unknown as to why not.

    You could get a lagoon lindy in swift thou, if you like the leather.
  3. Thank you so much for your answer!:smile:
    So it would even not be possible to make a special order for these colours? *sigh*
    I like swift,but I would prefer clemence :blush:
    I think swift is more sensitive too,isn't it?
    I need a colour which pops :biggrin:
  4. From my understanding, I think colors pop more in swift than in clemence...I have a swift lindy and I love it sooo much, an SA once told me this bag is ment to be made in swift (don't know how true is that) but personally, I do like lindys in swift better :smile:

    I think there were pictures of lagoon lindy swift belonging to Ranag, our fellow tpf-er ;)
  5. I agree with you on clemence. I have a raisin lindy in clemence and I love it. Can't answer your question as to why certain colors don't come in certain leathers or whether you can special order them or not.

    Good luck deciding!