Lindy 45cm?

  1. As I recall there was a thread sometime last year about Hermes coming out with a larger, "travel size" Lindy for Fall '07. Did anything ever come of it? I wouldn't know since I haven't been to H since August and haven't heard anything here :shrugs:
  2. I saw a large travel was canvas...looked like a lindy...but I don't think it had a shoulder strap. (This was yesterday at the boutique)
  3. There is a travel Lindy available only in Clemence. It looks like a super chic duffel bag. Very masculine. The shoulder strap is adjustable and can be carried across the body. Otherwise it is exactly the same design, just blown up. It is lined in chevron fabric (like the new dustbags). It is on my wishlist.
  4. I was at the Toronto store today and they also said there is a travel sized Lindy though I didn't see it. DID see Lindys in two new colours - Lagoon and a corally peach - the SA didn't know the name. Lagoon is very, very, very BRIGHT! Even in a relatively small piece like the Lindy...