Lindy 26 Swift Sakura pink, yes or no?

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  1. Dear ladies, thank you so much in advance for reading my post. I need some advice and opinion on this offer. My SA offers Lindy 26 swift in sakura pink. Though I like pink and purple, i am a bit worried if this pink on swift easily gets dirt or grey shape? Do you need to baby the bag when in use? As it is summer and our arms or shoulder may sweat, i am worried the bag cannot keep its condition well and will "age" too quick! Anyone has user opinion pro vs cons on it? Much appreciate if anyone can share their pix of used condition Lindy in swift pink! thank you so much everyone!
  2. I have this bag. I cannot speak to its longevity of wear or condition due to color as I have only worn a few times. I will say that I love this size and color, I really consider a pink this light to to be neutral. At least it feels that way in Swift. I use Twilly for the handles and it isn't a bag that I will wear as an everyday bag. I would think that would help with its condition over time. Also, I will say that you may have to be careful with what you wear it with. I will most likely only wear mine with whites and such. Good Luck deciding and post a pic if you decide to get it.

    I am hoping another member that maybe has this color will jump in and give opinions as well. I know NatalieJ has one too.
  3. Yes yes yes!!!

    if offered I'd grab it in a heartbeat! maybe I should make a trip to my boutique and inquire about availability......
  4. I would buy it but I baby my bags. Swift does get colour transfer, a friend got transfer on Rubis Swift from a Navy dress. So just be aware but enjoy the bag. I got a mini Plume in Sakura and because it is hand held, I have Twillies to prefect the handles. Yes I am OCD and prefer my bags in super condition.
  5. Dear ladies, i am so blessed that you are so kind to offer your kind opinion to this sakura lindy. Really appreciate for your time....Once I decide to buy a H bag, I want to grow old with her. so far, my bag collection tends to be dark color like black, brown, green and i use them freely as i do not need to worry the dirt (though i also baby my bags) My oldest bag is a 12 year old Bolide 31 in vert bronze and she still looks very chic and super good conditions... when we carry L26 on our shoulder and we go outdoors, you will sweat , wouldn't my sweating arms may transfer the dirt easily too on swift? I am sorry to think those silly points....since i never see a H used pink bags and do not have chance to see how it wears after several years, it is very difficult for me to imagine sakura in her old ages....