Lindy 26 Evercolor in Bordeaux, Blue Eletric ghw or any other colors.

  1. I need your opion, which color is year round color, and easy to wear. I need add color to my basic black, grey collection. Ty
  2. I think the color light blue is great. It's the color of the sky, the ocean, and The Blessed Mary
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  3. Etoupe gold toffee gris t
    Are fabulous
  4. How about Etain w ghw.
  5. IMO, the best neutral pop of color is Rouge Garrance
  6. To go with blacks and greys I would say Bordeaux and BE are great choices and are two of the best H colors overall. Bordeaux is a neutral but still has color and looks rich and saturated; BE is a bright pop. Different choices - if you are just starting to branch out into color, Bordeaux goes with everything. Both to me are seasonless.
    I'm not sure there are other colors I would recommend if you are already looking at these, although H dark blues will all work year-round. If you are looking at non-seasonal colors, Rouge H has more red than Bordeaux, less purple, although I don't know that I've seen it on a Lindy in this leather.
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  7. Yes why not lol
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  8. too bad no one has in stock.
  9. u meant Blue Nuit.
  10. Not necessarily but I do like Bleu Nuit. I am carrying a Bleu Nuit bag right now.
  11. can I see a picture u carrying Blue Nuit bag, ty
  12. 6A396D3A-622C-4E53-B26E-9C3C341211E0.jpeg
    Here is picture of those colors which my SA told me what she saw in system for Lindy 26 in ghw * I prefer Clemence or Evercolor (No swift).
  13. D8906045-D001-4F31-8AAC-4E23BD3E0F5C.jpeg E3F72D42-827E-4F6A-8C75-302C2AA74077.jpeg Here how Lindy size 26 looks on me * 5'1" with 2.5" heels. And how Bordeaux color looks , ( it's size 34 @ store no 26 available)
  14. the bordeaux lindy looks really nice. i would use it all year round. just pair it up with some light colors in the summer and you're good to go. :smile:
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  15. I love the Bordeaux as well. So lovely and you could wear it year round.