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  1. so the outlet I am going to this weekend called me and said they got in a grey leather lindsey and would hold it for me if I wanted it (was looking for grey leather) its 280.00.If this a good price for this bag?I really wanted a legacy and not sure about this bag...who has this ?I am not sure about spending 280.00 on this one bag at the outlet...
  2. I have this bag (carrying it now). It is WONDERFUL. It retailed for $798, so that is an amazing price. I would highly recommend getting her. :smile:
  3. I have a gray Lindsay also, the outlet price is a great deal. For me the Hamptons looks a bit more exciting than the Legacy line.
  4. thanks...I also thought it looked more legacy than hamptons...I guess when I get over there if its still there its fate lol
  5. I found the Legacy from the same season to be pretty boring looking, plus the look of legacy leather was less than to be desired. Although the leather on the Lindsay isn't as lush as you would normally expect Coach leather to be, its a big upgrade from the legacy leather and it holds its shape better.
  6. I tried to love her, but found her too bulky under my arm. Best of luck to you!!!
  7. It's definately a gorgeous bag but, pretty large. It's a classic for sure. Just try it on at the outlet and see how you feel about it.
  8. I just got mine from the outlet on saturday, and i love her! i think it's a beautiful bag.