Lindsey Lohans 04' Lilac Belinciaga City.......

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  1. :love: now MINE!!
    Im soooo excited:nuts: !!! The bag that took me for ever to find, is now here and all mine! I cant believe it is in prestine conditoin, and shows absolutely no signs of wear. I bought from a very legit seller on e-bay, Bertiebluebird. I paid through the nose but no regrets here. I cant wait to learn to do these darn pic. postings so I can so proudly show everyone.

    so excited I spelled Balenciaga wrong on the thread title!!
  2. Congrats!!! Definitely post pics when you can. You can even email them to Vlad and he will resize them for you if you like.
  3. I wanna see pictures too! Congratulations! I think that's a fabulous color!
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  6. Hey! Congrats. I saw that auction and thought the bag was to die for. I love the color. Hope you truly enjoy!!!!
  7. Is it satin? Someone is selling a satin lilac balenciaga and I just thought it was too gorgeous. Very Original.

  8. Hi elongreach,
    its not satin its made of the softest goat leather ever. It is truely adorable.
  9. Congrats on finding the rare purse! You must be so happy!
  10. wow, congrats on your new bag!!!:biggrin::biggrin: