Lindsey Gucci Help

  1. Does anyone have or know where they can post a picture of Lindsey Carrying the vintage gucci (boston bag) she was holding in some of the rags a few months back?
    Your help would be appreciated!
  2. lohan? :huh:
  3. is this it?
    X-LLohanCAA101805-07.jpg normal_X-LLohanDar102005-05.jpg
  4. is it vintage??
  5. Thats not the one I was thinking of but thanks for the picture! I never saw that one!! :smile:
  6. Yep its Vintage.
  7. No one????
  8. [​IMG]

    Might this be the bag you were refering to? I hope It helps. I love this bag.
  9. Wow!
  10. No neither! WAH but that white one is HOT HOT HOT!!

    That looks new. Not vintage. I want that sucker!!!
  11. That bag is sooo sweet!
  12. i have the bag and i bought it from ebay. i think it's vintage.
  13. The white one? It is so nice!! How old is that? Do you know?