Lindsey convert with questions

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  1. I visited an outlet store today and they were having an awesome sale. I was hoping to get a Fuchsia Maggie but found the Fuchsia Lindsey instead for $167! Either this or the Kristin Round satchel in Scarlet so I picked the Lindsey. Im not a fan of Kristins. Anyway, I love the color and size of the Lindsey but why does the zipper seem stiff? Everytime I reach in for something the zipper scratches my hand. Plus the upper part of the bag where the logo is is stiff too. Is it meant to be that way? And last: Do you guys wear this cross-body? The strap is too short.Enlighten me!:smile:
  2. Here are pics. I know we love pics!:smile:
    20121007_204305-1.jpg 20121007_204214-1.jpg
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    Your new fushia lindsey is gorgeous! Congrats!
    I don' know why your zipper is stiff, Mine is not stiff and opens and closes smoothly.
    Can you go and get another one to see if maybe you can switch them?
    I carry mine as a satchel. The bag is not really used for crossbody.
  4. I'm no help but I don't think the strap is meant for crossbody, just shoulder, how does it look on your shoulder?
  5. Thank you! Actually this was the last one left. When the SA told me that, I just grabbed it tighter and paid for it. Today was a lucky day! I got a parking spot right in front of Coach when the parking lot was full because of Columbus Day sale AND got the last Fuchsia Lindsey. It opens and closes smoothly. Do you carry yours as a satchel even if you're wearing jeans? I'm afraid of jeans rubbing off my leather purses if carried satchel-style.
  6. It looks good on the shoulder. I'm glad I have that option. The best one for me is carrying it with the two short straps on the shoulder. But it will be impossible during Winter while wearing my coat. How do you carry yours?
  7. love ur fuschia lindsey! bag twins!!! try using waxpaper, that was one of the tricks my SA did with one of my bags that had issues with the zipper...
  8. I don't have one but I have a Sophia & I use the longer shoulder strap, do u have a pic of it with the long strap?
  9. Wax paper? Like rub it with a wax paper?
  10. Love the Lindsey! Congrats, you scored!
  11. Bag Twins! I can wear mine crossbody and I’m about 5’7” I have a short torso though, so maybe that’s why.
  12. yup! wax paper/ parchment paper... she rubbed it in the zipper! and it did make the zipper kinda slippery...
  13. I will definitely try this. Thank you!
  14. I have TEN and No issues - and yes I wear with jeans....
    I dont not wear as a crossbody
  15. I carry mine in my arm and sometimes when I need to be handsfree shopping I use the longer strap to put on my shoulder. I wore my Saffron this weekend with Jeans and did not have a problem.
    Enjoy your Fushia Lindsey :biggrin: