Lindsey Confronts Paparazzi In NYC !!!

  1. Lindsay Lohan put her foot down after paparazzi were snapping pictures of her and her friends in NYC. Eating lunch at trendy Da Silvano, Lohan got so frustrated that she left the table to have a word with the pesky photogs.
    Lohan's "Mean Girl" came out as she screamed at the photogs for taking pictures of her and her friends through a glass window at the restaurant while they were eating.
  2. I understand that celebs get sick of the paparazzi, but, this is only going to stir up more stuff. And they love a drama queen like Lilo!
  3. I always wonder how celebs would feel if no one wanted their picture at all!:noworry:
  4. I think the paparazzi should be thank for some of there popularity
  5. That is your life baby! If you want the can't turn on and off the hand that feeds you; and indirectly, they do.

    Sad, but true.
  6. Yeah, it is easy to yell at people when you have some big body guard with you, too!
    Perhaps she doesn't want us to know she eats.
  7. No I disagree. There are times when they cross the line. Acting is what these guys do for a living. No one else has people monitoring what they do when they leave work so they shouldn't be any different. Are there some people who are different - sure Paris, Nicole, even Jessica. When you put your life out in a reality show I assume you want the pap. following your every move. But eating, going to the bathroom, when is enough enough? Just asking...
  8. I don't have a problem with paparazzi shooting celebs when they are out and about. The thing that bothers me is when you see photos of celebs in their homes, taken through the window with a telescopic night vision lens! That's invasive!:rant:
  9. Appears she does not care when she has a movie out.
  10. Well said Irene! I completely agree.
  11. As if she doesn't like it, Lindsay loves attention, she likes being photographed.
  12. I agree with Irene....if she doesnt like having pics taken of her when she is out and about then maybe she should have thought about that when choosing her career.
  13. my guess is she confronted them just to make sure the pictures and the story make it into several magazines....

    After all, it's more likely that the pictures will be used now that there's a story to go with them.
  14. The price to pay for fame...
  15. wow i was there a few weeks ago and i spotted david gahan from depeche mode! wish i were there to take her photo too. hahaha.