Lindsay's YSL Muse with braid detail - where to buy?

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  1. It's a style from 2006 called Yris that is no longer being made. It was about $1600 retail. If you have an outlet near you, check there. eBay as well.
  2. Have you called around to stores that sell YSL in Australia? It wasn't too long ago that I saw one at NM in Northbrook. Next time I'm there.. this week I have to return something.. I'll see if it's gone.
  3. Its a gorgeous bag, I'm in :heart: . Hope you can find it, I'll keep an eye out on eBay for it.
  4. thanks girls! we only have one store i think that sell YSL and they have limited stock.
  5. i'm an so nuts about this bag, and inquired about it at ysl last monday.

    sadly, the SA said they don't make it anymore, but that they get endless calls about it. same with the lime bugatti bag that nicole richie has.