Lindsay's Wedges

  1. This morning I saw a picture of Lindsay Lohan wearing a very nice pair of patent wedges. Since then I have been trying to remember the brand of the wedges (I am SURE I've seen them somewhere, on a magazine maybe) but with no results :confused1:

    Can you please help me?


  2. Louis Vuitton
  3. I think they are Louis Vuitton
  4. They are called Electrochoc sandals. You can find them on under Summer 2007 - Sandals
  5. Thanks a lot everybody. Aren't these gorgeous? :love:
  6. yes they are LV. They are made of plastic.
  7. really cute! its good to see that lindsay is looking healthy again. what a nice bikini.
  8. She looks great & the shoes are def LV, not crazy about them but love the bikini!
  9. Just saw these at LV yesterday for $380CDN. Love them but soooo tall!
  10. Not my cup of tea...sorta stripper-ish looking.
  11. They are definitely affordable compared to other LV shoes!
  12. Not a fan of the shoes, but she looks healthy.
  13. That's right! I like the aggressive look of these wedges!
  14. i liked them up til you said they're made of plastic. now i'm getting blisters just fromlooking at the pics. ouch.