Lindsay's Revenge: Posted Her Former Bodyguard's Mobile # On The Net !

  1. Lindsay Lohan Gets Revenge on her Former Bodyguard


    Lindsay Lohan has posted her former bodyguard's mobile number on the
    revenge for his public betrayal.
    Lee T Weaver infuriated the 'Mean Girls' by claiming in a British newspaper
    Lindsay enjoyed lesbian flings and had a drug addiction.
    Lindsay posted his phone number on her MySpace page along with the message:

    "He ran to the press to get a couple of dollars. Give Lee a piece of your

    It has been revealed Weaver - who called the 20-year-old "and said
    she had a "death wish" - lied about how long he had worked for the actress.

    Weaver, who claimed he had been in her employment for two years, only worked
    for Lindsay for a total of ten days in 2006.

    Lindsay's representative said: "It's deeply unfortunate that this person has
    deluded himself into thinking that he worked for Lindsay for a long period
    of time. This is a cynical and ugly attempt on his part to cash in on
    Lindsay's fame."

    Weaver is planning to write a tell-all book on stars he has protected in the
    past, including Eddie Murphy and
    The bodyguard also claims he can run 40 yards in just 4.7 seconds.

  2. I wonder who is telling the truth?? All he has to do is get a new number so that isn't really revenge. But you never know these days there is always somebody trying to make money by telling about a celebs life.
  3. I hate it when someone works for someone for about 10 min and decides they know everything about them. Yeah he probably did see some stuff, but I have serious doubts about his credibility. Anyone that has seen paparazzi photos of Lindsay knows that she has had the same bodyguard for a long time - now if HE were to come out with a book, i'd be interested :p
  4. Wow, this is getting nasty and complicated. I don't believe either of them, or I half believe both of them...
  5. i total believe in the bodygard, altough i don't think is acting correctly going to press.
  6. I'm sorry but this incredibly selfish little snot who parties way too much put this man life in danger by all her antics should be outed! She needs a wake up call! These nasty young women unfortuneatly are role models to many young girls and are given way too many privileges and millions to do it. I wish we could hear more about all the nice girls who have money and are good role models.
  7. She has bigger problems with so-called "friends" that leaked the coke pics, and help set her up for embarrassing pics with the paps. There's lots of rumors going around that samantha ronson is the ring leader in all this.

    Yes, he's trying to make a dollar off her name, but posting his cell is just giving him free publicity, and makes it seem he may have some true info about her.
  8. She is pretty defensive :nogood:... must be true to get a reaction like that...
  9. She didn't try to deny any of it though did she? You would think she would say it isn't true but instead she just says he is lying about the time he worked for her.
  10. So low those tell all people! But yes silly revenge guy only has to get new number!
  11. I dont blame her for being upset. All that stuff if it was true was suppose to be confidential. He will never get another job with a celebrity again.
  12. Totally agree!:smile:
  13. I don't believe either of them..
  14. They both couldn't get any more annoying.
  15. She said he said :shrugs: