Lindsay's Rehab Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Dina's Career

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    Lindsay Lohan's negligent mother has reunited with her troubled daughter in rehab - and she took TV cameras with her.

    Dina Lohan, her daughter Ali and a childhood friend of Lindsay's made the trip from New York to Los Angeles earlier this week to meet up with the actress at the Wonderland clinic, which she checked into last month.

    Dina invited 'Entertainment Tonight' and 'The Insider' to join her for the trip, in the hope it would give her the chance to tell her daughter's fans how worried she is. And she hit the streets of Hollywood before meeting up with her daughter to show TV cameras what her daughter has to put up with, as the paparazzi swarmed her.

    Explaining her decision to make the reunion trip a public affair, Dina says, "I'm gonna stop the madness before my child ends up killed." Of her own experiences with the paparazzi, who she claims follow her troubled daughter everywhere, Dina adds, "After a long day's work, you just don't want to have to deal with that stress, and there's a respect line that they're crossing. "They're chasing her in a car, which is a (Princess) Diana waiting to happen... and I wanna kind of let them know we're gonna be watching her watching you

    CLICK HERE to watch the video from from 'ET.
  2. what a mother!!!
    no wonder lilo turns out to be like this!
  3. Wow - you take a camera crew with you to visit your daughter in friggin rehab? Are you kidding me?

    TACKY, TACKY, TACKY :cursing:
  4. she looks different, like she had some surgery...probably just wanted to show off her new look. :throwup:
  5. When I read this my jaw just dropped---wth is this woman thinking??? How does a publicity stunt advance her daughter's treatment?? She's as big a problem as everyone else in Lindsay's life.:sad:
  6. Totally agree.
  7. What a mother, no wonder poor Lindsey has problems.
  8. Nice mom. But what can I say, like mother like daughter. They will do everything to get some attention.
  9. What a really big mess!
  10. I would be absolutely embarrassed for her to be my mother. The camera crew is ridiculous. This is rehab, not a video shoot. And compairing her to Princess Diana is absolutely ridiculous.
  11. I cannot STAND this woman~:cursing:
  12. Treatment should be a private, personal affair-a time to concentrate on yourself. Taking oneself away from "people places and things" that triggered the addiction. Not a time to invite Entertainment Tonight into your world! What was that woman thinking?
    Well, she's not.
  13. If Mother Lohan MUST do something, grant an interview to a magazine. (But it should be Lindsay's decision.)

    She shouldn't be bringing cameras with her when she visits her child at rehab!
  14. good point marly!
  15. Crazy thing for her mother to do!