Lindsay's Purse - People Mag Oct 1

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  1. I am trying to find out who makes the bag Lindsay is carrying in the photo taken with her Mom @ rehab in the Oct 1st edition of People ...Help!!!

  2. Do you have a pic? :confused1:
  3. I can't find one online, its a little pic towards the front of People, Oct 1 - the one with Jenny McCarthy on the cover!! Thanks for the help!!
  4. Finally, i found pics.. Here is the purse i am trying to identify....[​IMG]
  5. You probably want to post this in the handbag thread
  6. Ugh...her mother looks so made up
  7. She is smoking in front of her mum:wtf:. I wonder what other things she was doing in front of her mother that was ok.
  8. probably everything... since her mom is one of those party "women" and always try to stay "hip"... :sweatdrop:
  9. In general, I don't understand why they allow drug addicts to smoke cigerettes. If you are kicking off a bad habit, why not add smoking on your list. I've always thought that former addicts who continue to smoke cigerettes will always go back to illegal drugs.
  10. Ew she looks especially trashy when she smokes.
  11. I think the bag is a Kooba...eden?
  12. Her mom looks like HER! lol! If you think its a Kooba you could try posting the pic in the Kooba subforum (I think there is one right?).
  13. All - have been absent a while but have a question on PF etiquette....keehighz suggested "If you think its a Kooba you could try posting the pic in the Kooba subforum (I think there is one right?)." I did a similar thing - posted the Fendi bag i'm looking for in both the general forum (since we all shop the different brands or at least see them) and then in the Fendi forum as well - but got told off!!!! What's the deal these days?
  14. Lindsay is not
  15. Lindsay is not going to look too good in a few years if she continues to smoke and party. Very bad for the skin. Particularly for a freckled redhead, who would tend to have more delicate skin.
    She already looks kind of old for her age in the face.

    I think the bag may be a Kooba but I'm not sure.