Lindsay's new white bag?

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  1. Could anyone help me and tell what is this bag that Lindsay Lohan was carrying during NYC fashion week? Not a fan of LL, but the bag is really pretty, white bags are so in this spring! :love:


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  2. I swear that "thing of a actress" has a new bag for every hour of the day! Although I do have to admit I like it..he he! As for what kind it is, not sure either?? Anyone else?
  3. Think it's Dior.
  4. It's a beauty! It looks like some kind of an exotic bag
  5. Now that I look at the picture again, it looks like the bag might have the letters "DG" on the front, which would make it a Dolce & Gabbana.
  6. Dammit! I have to admit I'm intrigued.... those handles!
  7. It makes me think of the Calvin Klein bags shown in their ads and in the March issue of In Style. They have those chunky chain plastic handles. I can't find any pictures of them on-line though.
  8. I'm in love with that bag! That's from D&G's new cruis line but it won't be here till the summer!!! But that Balenciaga jacket she has on is to die for!!!!
  9. Thanks for posting that picture. That is a cute bag. I'm curious, too!!!
  10. I remember seeing this pic and wondering what bag is this. So is it true that it's D&G of cruise line collection?? Not fendi?? I'm in love with the bag. By the way, love her balenciaga jacket. Need to buy one.
  11. Love her boots! Only not so much the colour - looks a bit space cadet-ish. Tan would be gorgeous!
  12. I don't like this outfit much.. The purse is cute though.
  13. I really like it. Im in love w/white bags.
  14. I like it too
  15. Cute bag! I wonder what it is too!