Lindsay's NEW GUY

  1. Who is Lindsay Lohan's new hubby?
    1307.jpg 4169-420x600.jpg 5139.jpg 990-400x600.jpg
  2. I read on another site that he is Harry Morton - I believe son of Peter Morton (hard rock cafe, etc.)
  3. That was all over tv last week...sure it is a phase
  4. Don't know him yet and I haven't even heard anything of her dating anyone ? Are they dating ? Or is this one of those "just cause your seen with somebody it's assumed your dating them" sort of thing ?:huh:
  5. She grosses me out.
  6. i keep seeing pics of her with a new guy every month or so. and every pic, she and the guy are all over each other. i'm willing to bet she has so many STDS.

    anyhow, its not gonna last. as with all celebs
  7. with lilo its here today gone tomorrow...

    he isnt one of her cuter phases though... a little too pasty for me
  8. hubby? or boy toy? I don't think she's married.
  9. don't know who he is but HOMINA HOMINA HOMINA!

  10. shes like the new paris:throwup: :throwup:
  11. Tsk, tsk. I hope shes at least using protection with as many guys she goes through in such a short period of time.
  12. That's a really lovely photo of her, LOL! (referring to the first one)
  13. oooh... cute boy :P