Lindsay's Mother Speaks Up About Her Daughter Checking into Rehab

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  2. Is it bad that I want to slap her:push:

    The whole "I'm her mother not her keeper" made me :cursing: Like she's making excuses for not stepping in or paying attention to what her daughter was doing.
  3. If she's talking about the paparazzi being relentless, what in the world was the point of the "I'm her mother, not her keeper" remark?

    That just seemed like it was such a non sequitur.
  4. hoehan is a kid?....hmm intresting.
  5. lilo may be under the microscope, but that isn't the reason she's under 21 and checking in to rehab (alcohol or drugs, both illegal at her age). i'm thinking the reason is perhaps that her mother is trying to be "cool" mom like the mother in mean girls ("i'm sure you've seen mean girls") instead of a mother that keep her inside a few nights a week to rest her liver.
  6. my thoughts exactly...."she's under a microscope"...because she(HER MOTHER) put her there!!:wtf: :cursing: :nuts: Isn't it sad when the kids have to pay the price for LOUSY upbringing and STUPID parents???:cursing: :confused1: :crybaby:
  7. i agree with you. :yes:
  8. ick, her mom is just trying to get her 15 minutes of fame as well as the 'cool mom'
  9. i'm confused. isn't this the same woman who said that her daughter is alright and that she's just being a kid (about partying), etc?
  10. I remember seeing an interview with the father, before he went to prison, he was pushing the idea of a reality show, "The Lohans."

    Lindsay's parents reminds me of the Carter family, seeing the kids as "cash cows."
  11. ExACtly!!
  12. This is part of the job ...... they make millions and live a pretty good life I would say. If she does not like it there are ways to get out of the spotlite. I feel sorry for her, but this is what she wanted!
  13. uh i just hope she gets better!