Lindsay's collection

  1. [​IMG]I started my collection about 5 years ago...when i was only 17:smile:
  2. Looks like an awesome collection...A little bit of everything!
  3. great collection, nice pochettes
  4. beautiful mc pochette!
  5. Oooh I see that you're a fellow small bag fan ! :yes:
  6. love the balenciaga :smile:
  7. cute collection!

    I have the same little Dior saddle
  8. That little pink wristlet is adorable and I love the balenciaga.
  9. I love your collection. It looks like you like small bags like me!
  10. that is a great collection! especially since you started at age 17!! wowie.. haha im 17 right now, and my collection is nothing like that
  11. Very nice :smile:
  12. ****update****

    i just sold my speedy 25 to my friend. i have to admit, i never carried it because the zipper pull was ripped off and its cracking. i got it off ebay about 2 years ago for $98, and sold it to her for......$250!!!!:graucho: its just sad letting one of them go....however i managed to find 2 burberry headbands at holts:wlae: so i guess it was worth it:smile:
  13. Lovely collection! Do show us your headbands.. I've been looking all around for those.
  14. wow a $152 profit on that speedy! LOL

    Love your collection, it's got a lot of variety!
  15. Great collection.