Lindsay's Cartier Necklace

  1. [​IMG]

    Do you like it ?
  2. hmm... i don't find it special... seems quite ordinary to me.. although i like the meaning behind it on cartier's website
  3. I think it's really doesn't scream designer b/c it's so small.
  4. Is that the piece she got from Harry Morton?
    It's okay looking but I don't think I'd spend a dime on it.
  5. very cute!
  6. In the first picture, both necklaces are Cartier; the choker is from the Love line. Lindsay's a lucky girl, I don't think she has to worry whether she loves her jewelry enough to justify the expense. Then again, she's very young, we'll see how this all turns out. Meanwhile, we should all be so lucky as to indulge our whims.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  7. i'm just not impressed
  8. It's very cute and subtle. I love it.
  9. I love it. I love the whole LOVE collection - but the pieces are so pricey! :sad:
  10. What a lovely little cute necklace:heart: Does anyone know how much it costs? Thanks:flowers:
  11. I love it. I love how she has the two together in the first picture, too. I'm a big necklace person.
  12. Me too, it's ok, but thats all.
  13. It's cute, very simple yet trendy, perfect for her age.
  14. No Spamming !
  15. I love Lindsay!

    I like how the necklace looks in the 3rd pic the best.

    It's pretty simple, not my kind of style though.