Lindsay's Black DAY/HOBO bag

  1. loove her black bag:heart: :heart:

  2. I really like it!
  3. i have an 05 s/s hobo with the squishy leather and i looove it to bits!
    looove the day next to the work:heart: :heart: :graucho:
  4. i just got the black s/s '05 hobo too and it is incredible. super squishy.
  5. looks great! i will have to add a hobo to my collection one of these days!
  6. Ooh, we need to start the black 05 hobo club! :cool: They rock!
  7. i totally love that bag! i just got it in emerald green and its a comfy bag to carry.:yes:
  8. Fayden you will love the day bag esp in black right Becca and chigirl?:heart: :yes: :heart:

    black bags are soo cool when you accesorize them with pretty colorful scarves:heart:
  9. oh LiLo is just SO lucky to have so many b-bags!!! that hobo looks great on her!!!
  10. ^^I agree. I saw it in the store and it was okay, but it looks REALLY good when you see it on, and I love black!

    And emila, I think you're right, the black bags look so great with colorful scarves--love that look! We should start a "scarves with your b-bag photos" thread! ;)
  11. I think I posted this in the celeb's thread.
  12. i just got my ink hobo!!! i love love LOVE it!!!!
  13. BB, pics! pics! pics! I don't mind camera phone quality.. hehe..
  14. oooh, yes, please! I would love to see your Ink hobo, bb! :yes:
  15.'s my INK DAY (after lubriderm and AG):heart: yummy:tender: !!!
    DAY_1.jpg DAY_2.jpg