Lindsay's Balenciaga jacket...ooohhh

  1. it's quite pretty, love the gold and navy but you're right... it's too seasonal
  2. I like it, but its kinda the "trend" now, and probably wont be in the future...
  3. This jacket was on on sale a while back - can't remember maybe about 1k?
  4. gorgeous jacket but too expensive for me.
  5. The cut is beautiful but I hate big buttons, they remind me of an old lady.
  6. Nah, not a big fan. It reminds me of the costume bet milder wore in beaches. You know the scene where she was in the play and wore that weird mask...
  7. It looks great on Gisele! (If I'm not mistaken that's Gisele modelling the jacket in the first picture?) On Lindsay....meh.
    2300 bucks? I'd get it only if I had money to burn.