Lindsay's Bag Hero Still Waiting For A Thank You !

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    By Stephen White
    THE man who found Lindsay Lohan's missing jewellery worth $1million claims he is still waiting for a thank-you.​

    The actress, 20, lost a Hermes bag packed with her jewels and asthma medication at Heathrow Airport earlier this month.
    They were found by driver Tom Webster, who claims he was promised a reward or thank-you note.[​IMG] [​IMG]

    But he says he has not heard a thing from the star. He told a US newspaper: "They haven't got back to me. Not a word.​

    "She was pleased to get the bag back - it was full of diamonds and bracelets and necklaces.​

    "Her people took my address and phone number and said they'd be in touch.​

    "I know these stars need a good looking-after but she could have easily just spoke to me on the phone.​

    "It's really disappointing. I'd like to hear from her with maybe just a 'Thanks very much'."​

    Lohan's publicist said: "I think they obviously want free publicity using Lindsay's name."​
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  3. That's because she's a selfish C U Next Tuesday.
  4. :roflmfao:
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    I totally agree though!

  6. It took me a few seconds to get that, lol.
  7. what an *******, to say that he was just trying to get free publicity using her name! he more than deserves a thank-you, he could have easily kept the bag.
  8. RIGHT ON, Danica!! Werd. :wlae:
  9. HAHAHAH, danica!!!
  10. free publicity?
    i woulda just kept the diamonds and the bag and pawn'd them off...that would have taught that stupid gurl a lesson.
  11. What a spoiled rotten B_ _ _ _ ! Thats what happens when we treat punks like they are GODS. The man deserves at the least, a thank you. He should get a reward. I cannot stand Lohan.

  12. Hehe!! Good one Danica!! :lol: And so TRUE.
  13. Can`t say it a better way! She will never learn, if people always accept her misbehavior, because she is celebrity.
  14. she should really drop a thank you....
  15. Sorry i don't understand the Tuesday part?? :confused1: