Lindsay vs. Victoria - Who Wore It Better?

  1. What do you think?

  2. Not digging the cycling shorts on LLo :tdown: so my vote is for VB!:tup:
  3. Vb
  4. I quite like how lindsay looks more relaxed.
  5. Victoria did! She wore it better.
  6. i like how lindsay fills out the top part of it better, but the weird bike shorts are messing it up for me. i choose vb.
  7. VB! i have no words for those bicycle shorts
  8. VB looks gorgy. love her birkin too!!
  9. I personally wouldnt wear the dress by itself, I would put tights or something underneath - like Lindsay but not those shorts. I also dont think its appropriate attire to take the kids out to play. But VB does look good in it, oooh and that birkin!
  10. I really don't like either of them in that thing....:tdown:
  11. Lindsay for sure!!
  12. I think VB hands down.
  13. The dress is super short but VB pulls it off really well!! :tup: And that orange birkin... :drool:
  14. Gimme that Birkin! it would have to be VB. If the leggings would've went to midcalf I probably would've said lindsay.
  15. VB makes is look designer... LL makes it look cheap.