Lindsay vs. medium Lily


Aug 19, 2008
I wondered if anyone familiar with both bags could tell me how they compare in size and weight. I have an espresso Lindsay and she is my favorite Coach bag; however, I've heard so much about the Lily that I wondered if that would be worth keeping an eye out for on the resale sites (the black appeals to me the most). My DH thinks that I should wait for something new to appear that I like better than the look of the Lily (although he "approves" of the Lindsay if I want to get it and can find one somewhat reasonably), but I don't think that's too likely since Coach seems to have gone a different direction with their leathers. For those who might own both, do you think it's worth it to pay so much for a bag that might be similar to the Lindsay? Thanks!


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Apr 27, 2009
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I have the Lindsey but not the Lily...

The Lily is one of those bags that is a HG to most people who have her or want her. I love the bag and would love her and the Gigi but they are both priced out of my range right now..

The Lindsey is amazing and just gorgeous a WOW bag that will become a Lily or Gigi or Ali to most people. She is a heavy bag a large but worth having in a good collection.

I think they are both very different and excellent bags and I hope to own them both, I am half way there.


Feb 21, 2006
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The sealant all peeled off within a few weeks of purchase so I no longer have the Lily but I did have both at one time. They're different enough I think. iirc, the lindsay is longer than the lily, but the lily has more height. I like the overall look of the Lily moreso than the Lindsay - it looks more proportioned than the Lindsay does IMO. Weight wise, I think it's close. They're both pretty heavy.


Feb 24, 2006
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well lets see I have lindsay and I had lilly in black. I sold the black lily her handles were so stiff they hurt my hand when hand carried. and she was like carrying a bag of rocks she was so heavy I sold her and bought a red patent peyton instead. when I want to carry black leather I carry black leather carly. or black leather zoe or this older coact black leather satchel which is really light


Oct 11, 2007
I think they're different enough to have both. I bought a Lindsay, but returned it because it was too bulky for me (in terms of use, not looks... she's beautiful). I couldn't wear it on my shoulder, but I can with my Lilys if need be. I think in terms of weight they are very close. HTH :smile:

ETA: I've had no trouble with the sealant *knock on wood* & don't find the handles to be uncomfortable (they've broken in nicely).


Aug 12, 2009
I had both the Lindsay and the Lily. They are both very beautiful bags!!! They are also heavy!!! I ended up returning my Lindsay to the outlet where I bought it. (It was a beautiful Teal color! I do miss her and kind of wish I would have kept her!) I still have my Lily in Black. I need to take her out again!! I took my strap from my Black Willis and have used it on the Lily! I am glad I got the Lily! (I got a speeding ticket on my way to get her! The discount I got went to pay the ticket! )

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Jul 25, 2007
I have a teal Lindsay and a medium black Lily. I love them both - I actually love the Lindsay more, though - that color! But anyway, they are both really substantial bags, but to me Lily is WAAY heavier than Lindsay. Bulky to carry, heavy when empty, let alone when you put alot into it. I still use it occasionally, and every time I think about selling it I change my mind, lol, but its REALLY heavy and uncomfortable to me. Lindsay is heavy too, but not as heavy and Lily, and I love that bag so much that I dont even care!


Mar 24, 2009
I have both, and I love them both. They're both very different, both have great space inside them, and of course, they both look gorgeous. They're also both very easy to wear.
BTW mayhurst, thanks!!! I didn't realize that 'Lily' was the name of that particular bag, so when I saw your thread I decided to google it. Now I know!